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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am not really a horoscope person but I read them for a laugh on my coffee break at work and sometimes I take thier advice.  Last week  ( I am an Aquarius)    it said it was time to "Get out of Dodge".        It made me laugh because that is just what the doctor ordered.    I am leaving this morning to go to Las Vegas with my girlfriends from work.   Haven't been there in 20 years and I am ready to go with camera in hand.      
On top of it all,  it's raining like crazy this morning and I am already dressed for sunshine.     Yeahhh.           This morning I took my son out for breakfast and then drove him to work.    Thought I was organized,  suitcase is at the door,  and took the garbage out so it won't go rank while I'm away......     stopped to pick him up and slipped on the wood stairs that were soaking wet and seriously went crashing down.    Watch flew off,  glasses landed in the garden,   the whole bit.
Good thing I'm built like an oxen because I slammed my left hip, and shoulder onto the deck.   Scraped up my elbow, and have a major tissue bruise on my left wrist.    Really,  I am still hurting.    Couldn't even cut my eggs benedict with the fork and knife sore....     Had trouble picking up my teacup sore.      Reach for the Ibuprofen sore.    That kind of sore.        Will this day dampen my spirit.    Spoil my enthusiasm?       Not going to let it.              Funny thing is - my ex-husband called me at 3 in the morning last night when he was driving home to tell me he hit a deer on the road.     Are you kidding me?      You'd think we live in the mountains or something.     He was very upset because the poor thing was suffering and he had to call the police to come and shoot it,   and the whole front of his Jetta is smashed.    Bent the hood even.    He said he had hair coming out of the grill.      Sorry - but I started laughing because it's so rediculous.   You know that someone is trying to tell you something when bizaare stuff occurrs that just doesn't make any sense at all.     But what are they trying to tell us?        So -   what next?      
Stay tuned because it just keeps getting better and better and more rediculous every day.
So ----   I'm leaving town.     I think it's safer.        Going to Las Vegas.     Gonna take pictures in the fountain for my gallery of "girlfriends in fountains all over town series"......       and just gonna go have a little more fun.
I hope you're good when I'm gone.   (5 days)     and that you don't slip on any wet stairs or catch any Bambi's in your headlights.           

Ciao.  I'll call you when I get back.   ( or blog ya,  or something like that)



Anonymous said...

Man I just talked to you yesterday... and this all happened from then? Holy Cow Julie, or should I say Poor Deer. OUCH. Glad no humans were hurt while making this movie lol
Have fun, throw a penny in the fountain, make a wish and have fun.
Love You and take more Ibuprofen, with a shot of tequila... that'll do it.
Love You

claudie said...

ANONYMOUS...how did that happen. WTF
It's me
Love Claudie

sherri@lavendefields said...

Poor Julie! I feel your pain. I did the same thing head first down frozen stairs last winter. Smacked my jaw right into a terra cotta pot! I laid there for about a minute afraid to move. I guess we're getting to that age where we have to be careful of taking a fall! LOL! I hope you're OK tomorrow sometimes it hurts worse the next day. Anyway in spite of everything go, and have fun! Call me when you get back, I'll take you for that overdue dinner I've promised : ) Hugs Sherri

claudie said...

Ok enough time off. It's time to come back to Dodge Blogville.
We miss you.
Come on back, you can do it, I know it. If you want to come to Fla. you gotta come back : )