Let Music fill the air

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's going on in my head these days.

I am exhausted by my own self. Is that ridiculous? I'll check back when I get it all sorted out.

Intrusions into that jumbled mess are images such as those........... can you make any sense of it? Looks like I need an electrician. The crab on her head is what my headache feels like. The road has its up and downs but it certainley is pretty along the way if you make sure you look around.

I like the couture black skirt in the middle of the mess. It looks smart and she looks like she's got it together right? Keep things simple - that always seem to work in fashion. How about in life? That's probably very good advice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So what's the big deal about Cadillacs?

I love the old girls! 1958 or somewhere in there. I've daydreamed about driving one. I've seen them at the odd car show and if it's not the large rear fins that get you, all that shiney chrome just makes you want to run your finger over the door handles. You could seriously check your lipstick in a pinch and the hub caps are like fabulous earrings on a a great dress. I would love to have one of those if I had a garage big enough to keep it in . A convertible would be amazing - but see the picture of the old hearst? It's pretty cool really. The trunks of these Cadillac's are huge and deep - what a bonus that would be. Can you image the shopping you could do? I bet the parking stalls were much bigger then too. They had to be - or maybe there just wasn't as much traffic on the road period. Parallel parking on a busy day would be a challenge. it's truly a roadtrip kind of car anyways isn't it? I did get close to driving one, sort of. In Cuba they have these fantastic old cars as taxi's in Havanna. (That's the pink fin picture) Anyways, a taxi driver was taking a break from the sun and I asked if I could sit in his car and he was kind enough to let me. Snapped a few pictures for the moment. The interior was spacious and the steering wheel large and felt like what I think ebony would feel like. On my bucket list? Sure. Maybe one day I'll pull up to your place and honk. We'll take a road trip where we can chat for hours - don't worry about packing light because there will be loads of room in the trunk anyways! Oh, and put your hair up because it might be windy.

That's it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pick a color... but not just any color....

RED. Of late I have made friends with this color. Perhaps because I have grown up a redhead - it took a long time but it is definitely one that you need a little confidence to walk with. Not every red is the same you know. And not every red suits everybody or thier environment - but used cautiously and with a little flair - it can put a smile on your face and warmth in your soul. You know, it's known as the color of attraction they say. That's something to think about. A little or a lot? Toes, lips, shoes, bags, furniture, walls, the sky, carpets, on leaves and in flowers, on homes and on cars. It just seems to be so proud. The colors that come in boxes at the drugstore? Sometimes they don't work out so well and they give red a bit of a bad name I think. Is there just the right amount of red, does it turn out the right shade? It can be the color of love or - the color of anger . They say we are born to be drawn to certain colors. That when you color with your first box of crayons, you are drawn to certain colors way before you choose the others. That's interesting. How do you feel about red? Ever even thought about it? do you remember which color ran out first in the crayon box?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The good thing about a New Year....

Fresh outlook, a heart filled with hope, new adventures, happy moments, love, and laughter and warm sunshine on your back. It's all very psychological and so I did a few personal things to make this turning of the calendar symbolic. First I took out last years garbage, literally. Bagged it up - cleaned up all the Christmas trinkets and packed them away and then visited the dumpster in my building with a bag that I flung in with great enthusiasm. Phew. That felt good. Then I decided it was the right thing to do to pay my outstanding bills before the crack of midnite on New Years Eve. So I did that and found myself with approximately $50.00 to start the New Year that was actually free and clear. Okay - so no problem. Feels good to know that I am still afloat. And I have a few gift cards in my wallet to provide that much needed treat on a dull day. Then on New Years day after sleeping in and being lazy, I went running in the rain. Pouring rain even! It was the therapeutic bathing of my spirit. Washed all of last years not so precious moments right off my back. Thanks for the rain, I remember to say.... Oh, and I bought a lovely bouquet of flowers New Years eve that make me feel like Spring is just around the corner. That is something we can do anytime we feel like it. Buy yourself some flowers. They always cheer up a place. So that's that. My bullet proof vest is still good enough to carry me through another year. A few holes in it - but that's just life anyways.
Advice to myself and anyone else who needs it? - buy yourself a pair of polka dot undies, spritz on a little perfume, turn up the music when your in the car and sing because nobody else can hear you anyways - and don't let anyone drag you down so low that you can't crack a smile. It's just not worth it. So, Sincerely my friends and those who I have yet to know as friends - Happy New Year. May it be "a good one".

Love J.