Let Music fill the air

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Please don't take my sunshine away.....

So the forecast says rain........  But I thought this was to be the longest summer.   Full of sunshine and renewal.


Sunny skies can change to gloomy ones and you don't even know how it happens sometimes. The weatherman is suppose to be our predictor but I don't think he is always to be trusted.
So, the rain just pours down.
It would be nice if you had your cover ready - but it would seem that there are no clues  - and often the weather is misunderstood.   Like other things.

 You can be going merrily along and 
not even realize what is coming your way until you are right in the thick of it.  

There is  mud all over your boots.    

You have been lost in the glorious warmth that sunshine had brought your way.   It made you feel fresh and renewed and on top of the world...

          Life blurrs in these sunny day moments  and you feel in a dreamy state.

Then you hear that familiar little jingle...  "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine....  you make me happy when sky's are grey....

(Heavy sigh here.....)  

In just the right timing something special can happen.     You see a little encouragement that pops out of nowhere.  The rain subsides.  The colors don't look so dark.   The green is now very green.

In the specks of rain - where  the dark meets the light, there it is...   the promise of the rainbow. 

It is what keeps hope in this world that the sun will shine again in a while.   

It's spectacular really.  And it makes you smile.

So, although I live in Vancouver where we are getting more than our fair share of rain...  

  I remember those sunny days very well.   I hold onto them dearly.      And if the sun just won't shine for me at home? 

    I can always get on a plane and go to the where the sun always shines.      In Plantagenet with my best girl - Claudie.        

 Turn on the porch lights sister because I am in need of a escape.   I am coming in a week and we have a lot of catching up to do!

Good nite.

Love ya.