Let Music fill the air

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.......

"I'm leaving - on a jet plane..... Don't know when I'll be back again...... Oh babe I hate to go.

That's a song. Really I am going on a "quick escape". Another "Get out of Dodge" moment.

Camera . check
Lipstick. check
Leather gloves. check
Warm coat. check
Visa. check

That's all I need. Whatever you forget? You find along the way.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today I like.........more things.. maybe even LOVE THEM... but that "love" is a tricky thing...

So, just like Oprah - Julie has some fav's of her own.

Valentines cookies with messages. I made these for my boys and this one was a reject. The writing is really bad - but ya know... love isn't perfect - so why does the lettering have to be? It's a love sandwich! 2 sugar cookies with raspberry jam between the sheets. A little icing on top to sweeten the deal.

Love these vintage glasses from CC in Georgia. Presents? Sure do love those.

Ready for a spring ride with my new wheels. Bought this California cruiser. Love it.

My Leopard print coat that I bought at a "new to you boutique".
Yes, I wear it. The other day someone purred at me when I walked by. Seriously - I was not flattered but it made me laugh.

The handwritten letter that you get in the mail. And look at the pretty colored envelopes with the flourished writing on the front. Really like these. Someone took the time to sit and write and go and post the letter. If you print off an e-mail, tell me? Does that do it for you?

Vintage jewelry boxes in crushed velvet. You know - they don't give out gifts in such lovely boxes anymore. What a shame. It makes it so much more special I think. This is a love.

Skeleton keys. What doors did they open? Did you carry those big heavy keys in your purse? Or leave them under the mat because it was still safe back then? This is a like because loving a key would be strange.

Nabisco brand animal cracker cookies. They are the real macoy. No substitute please. You can bite off heads and make different animals by combing 2. I know. It's a little kids game.

Vintage bathing suits are fun to look at. The fabrics were stiff and the boobs pointed. Some of them were lemon yellow or odd color combinations. Still the girls look cute in these ones.... check out the big brief bottoms. They cover her belly button.
I just like em...

Monogram rings. Aren't they beautiful. The script initials say "proud" to me. A deep connection to your roots. Really I am in love with these.

Images in calm water. I love that it means an incredible calm in the air. I called this image "crazy hair".

And these mugs are so fun. I really like them. There are figurines inside the mugs. Imagine a little ones delight ( or my own) when you drink down your warm milk or chai tea and find a little surprise in the base of the cup. I know a blogger who likes little mice....
"Confessions of a Plate Addict" would love this too I bet.....

So share I did. Give all my friends one of each just like Oprah I cannot. But boy oh boy - would I if I could.
Love you my blogger friends.

Happy Valentines Day and Amore.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's valentines day and something I love?........

ROD STEWART MY FRIENDS, Rod Stewart. It was the first concert I ever went to and truly, It made an impression on me because many years later - I still remember the moment. He sang brilliantly I thought, obviously spoke to my sentimental heart and I remember him kicking soccer balls off the stage high into the stadium. This guy was way cool. I was in highschool. He was filled with this raspy sexy voice and he wore off beat clothes that made him totally unique. Someone who wears leopard print pants with a striped jacket has confidence written all over. Known for those slim fit stovepipe pants and sharp shoes with then dinner jackets in the later years, he feels what he sings. Apparently Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and James Brown were who he listened to in his teenage years. James Brown payed him an impressive compliment by saying that Rod was the ultimate white blues singer.

Aren't these old images of a rocker in his youth great. I love photography because of what it captures.

Boys, cars and girls. That's how Rod thinks. He admitted it. He currently owns a Ferrari Enzo - Red of course but he has had Lambourgini's in his driveway before too.
He has been married or "together" with many different beauties and boasts some great old friends from the rockstar world. -That's the price of rock star success. You can buy what you like in as many colors as you like, you can love more than 1 person in a life, your profession allows you to meet some interesting and wildly famous people who become dinner guests and if you are brave, you can wear what you want - whenever you want. He serenades his audiences with familiar songs as if its comfort food. And I'm not the only one that still plugs in his CD's in my car.

When I see some of the pictures of him of late - he has aged with greatness. He's not that drop dead gorgeous kind of guy - but he has a likeable quirkiness and the singing surely helps. He has his own style and reamains humbley charming in his interviews. I think that's what makes him like a renaissance man. Perhaps a playboy with all those young beauty's he has married and had fun with - but I am not to judge.

Life takes it twists and turns and success with money allows you to be a bit more reckless than we commoners are allowed! He says he has had a tremendous life and he still does. He says that with his nose, his hair and his voice - he is a god made rock star. He's tried to tame that hair and it does what it wants. Maggie May was the song that changed his music career to something big.
" Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you" ......Apparently someone has broken his heart in his lifetime and I wonder who this Maggie is anyways?

So for Valentines Day, I share with you something I love. What would Rod give on this special day? I think a bottle of wine and a night in. Don't you think?

Happy Valentines Day. May you all find a little red in your wardrobe this week.