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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Procrastinators Journal......

I am suppose to be studying.     I am tired.  My mind is wandering to other things that interest me far more.     I have been sitting on the couch looking at photography books and shooting pictures of light hitting things in my place.    I have talked on the phone and boiled water twice to make tea.   I have eaten strudels,  and even used my good Tiffany's perfume as room spray.    I put on the fireplace and made cream of chicken soup for dinner.   Got the pillow off my bed and put it on the couch.    Found some chocolate covered blueberries in the cupboard and ate those fairly quickly.      So....    the exam is tomorrow morning.  Early.     Am I ready?      It's my own fault if I am not right?    So I am going to SERIOUSLY  study for the next several hours.   

(That's me talking to myself). 

So to get in the right mind-set,  I have been searching out pictures.   More procrastinating.   Here's what I found.  

I am already a technican.   the government is making us take courses to do what I already do and Its going to cost around $3000  -  what a deal.   They say you are an assistant until you become a technician.   well alot of us are already technicians and they just changed the orientation on all the documents.  such a government thing to do.    maybe i will get a new bagdge.
anyways,   i just have to do it.   that's that.
exam"s........    This is my objective.    1 at a time.
I need to know all the secrets and then It would be so much easier i am sure.

put on the thinking cap. i know if i had one of these i would be so much smarter.  

Figure out what I need to know and what i don't.
(Like this is a dna strand model and not a necklace)

Would it be safe to take all these together?
Hopefully all the questions are that easy but i doubt it.

Can you manufacture a pharmaceutical compound?
(really its just like following a recipe to make a cake!)
the problem is when they get all "sciencey" on you and start using words like emulsion and titrate and solute.

is this needle leaking at the hub or are you expelling extra volume?    And do you think this clear liquid is morphine, sterile water or  another substance.     thats how they talk in circles.  The answer would be - you wouldn't know unless you have the vial or solution source there also.     accuracy is paramount.

I am not allowed to wear a skirt that short - nor should i !
but if the doctor ordered it - we will send it.
the big issue in my job is.....   are you sterile?
remove all your makeup , nailpolish, and jewellery.   tie up your hair,  remove any body piercings that are exposed and strip yourself of any self esteem a woman at  the age of 40 something may still have.      sheesh.      i am too old for this.
so re-focus,  be positive and get with it......

This made me laugh.     Right now.    on the procrastination scale.   it's right up there!

Okay.   so wish me luck.     this is only the first of a whole series of exams over the next year.     I promise you i will whine and complain the whole way through.      and hopefully somewhere  in between i will find time to be creative and travel and visit with my dearest friends because that is what I truly want to do.

With highlighter in hand,    and pencil sharpened......

I sign off.