Let Music fill the air

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This town looks like a good place to hide out......

I feel an adventure coming on. Another escape from normality or abnormality depending on how you look at it. A one way ticket to a break in the routine. It's okay right? To step out and enjoy the world around you. Meet new faces and have new experiences. Work will always await us and so will the bills and the responsibilities. Guilty pleasures is such a lousy boulder to sit on your shoulder. So I am bending over and letting it fall off. Taking care of as many things as I can before I take a holiday from work, and day to day living. Spending time with someome who wants to spend time having fun with me and what more can I be thankful for at this very moment.

Hold down the fort till I return. We'll chat about where the road led to soon.