Let Music fill the air

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Like notes around the house.....

I found this post.  never published.  i thought a story was due & i love reminders of things that made me smile.
"ECCENTRIC IS THE COUSIN OF CRAZY........" that's what its about.  a single statement.

There it was.   Like an epihany of sorts.   It came  in a conversation with someone who happens to have a job as a counsellor. (which is quite funny).   I figured this person must have something to back up the theory.  So I asked.  What do you base that on?    I got a shrug, and then a smile and a then the chuckle..   That was it.    This person wanted to know my story.   Wondered why I was single as he had thrown out the "your a beautiful girl" compliment. ( THANK YOU VERY MUCH - JUST ABOUT FELL IN LOVE IMMEDIATELY)  
  He actually asked if I was crazy or something?  

 I said - not really crazy but probably a little bit eccentric and  that  was  how this vital piece of wisdom came up.  
    perception is interesting.  HOW WE SEE ourselves and how others see us -    

 I GUESS THATS WHAT MIRRORS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE FOR.   so we can check up on ourselves often.

    I would love to have a window into my own little world.   I am positive I would absolutely shudder.    

    I am a non-conformist. i amit it.    someone else told me i am a "euro-girl".   maybe its true. and that's why i feel unsettled at times.  why i do the things i do.

 off-beat is a good beat.

..... some times I wear things that  are a little "out there" - but i love style and surprises. why can't you sleep in a tu-tu or wear a skirt over pants?   really.   who makes all these rules.    
 Sometimes I act out and likely i shouldn't do that either -   but its purely fun and great for memories.   and acting out has many forms.   i am pretty well-behaved.  

  i caught a story on fashion tv about this canadian girl who has a blog called manrepeller.com    its not a relationship blog - its more about style.   clothes that women like and men hate. 
    i like a lot of the stuff she talks about.  uh-oh.
 so now i have another personna.....  manrepeller.   

not me... but totally could be right?

Leandra Medine

Love her spirit.

i am going to have to be careful because we are heading for multiple personality disorder here!  
 I like to listen to music in other languages even if I can't understand what they are saying.  in my head i am sure they are all love songs. 
  Its kind of like traveling to another culture without really leaving.  puts your head in a different place.  

There's a book about us -
 so we must be interesting.... or something.

What do i see?  what's in the files in julie's head?  here's a glimps. 

smoking bison.
the cig makes it for sure.

i would like to shoot these kinds of photos.

eatery called valentines.  in portland oregon.  i asked him if people fall in love here.
This goat has a heart
for a nose.
and on his knees.
do you think it helps
his love life?

   real outdoor carpet.   not fake .  its important.
like leather verus vinyl.     (Thats another blog topic. note to self)

and most of all I love people whose work inspires me.   and particularly those who are not afraid to share thier knowledge.  they are the true artist.  they will always be one step ahead of the pack.    there are people who walk on the trompled grass....  and there are people who clear the way.

Yeah!   i am going to this.    

photographer Kamil Vojnar

And one more great place.
a new fav.


4393 St George Street
Vancouver, B.C.

A haven for artistic flair, amazing treats, lovely coffees and teas and so much more.
They call themselves a neighborhood grocery but they have events called "pop-ups".   sales of imported goods, art shows, chef in residence food projects and great conversation on any given day.

 What did I have?   ITALIAN ZEPPOLI  and a London Fog please.