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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So what's the big deal about Cadillacs?

I love the old girls! 1958 or somewhere in there. I've daydreamed about driving one. I've seen them at the odd car show and if it's not the large rear fins that get you, all that shiney chrome just makes you want to run your finger over the door handles. You could seriously check your lipstick in a pinch and the hub caps are like fabulous earrings on a a great dress. I would love to have one of those if I had a garage big enough to keep it in . A convertible would be amazing - but see the picture of the old hearst? It's pretty cool really. The trunks of these Cadillac's are huge and deep - what a bonus that would be. Can you image the shopping you could do? I bet the parking stalls were much bigger then too. They had to be - or maybe there just wasn't as much traffic on the road period. Parallel parking on a busy day would be a challenge. it's truly a roadtrip kind of car anyways isn't it? I did get close to driving one, sort of. In Cuba they have these fantastic old cars as taxi's in Havanna. (That's the pink fin picture) Anyways, a taxi driver was taking a break from the sun and I asked if I could sit in his car and he was kind enough to let me. Snapped a few pictures for the moment. The interior was spacious and the steering wheel large and felt like what I think ebony would feel like. On my bucket list? Sure. Maybe one day I'll pull up to your place and honk. We'll take a road trip where we can chat for hours - don't worry about packing light because there will be loads of room in the trunk anyways! Oh, and put your hair up because it might be windy.

That's it.


Claudie said...

Anything convertible would be OK with me Julie. I get the picture, I really do ; )
That pink caddy with the fin... oh la la girlfriend. I could just see us cruising down Route 66 with one of those.
If we ever got a flat tire, I don't think we would be left stranded lol
I like how you see the world, and I LOVE where you want to live today... very cool room for two!!
The sun is setting, pink sky, white snow, new dog outside (yes) and all is well...well boring actually.lol
Love You
Love Claudie

Sherri said...

Ok if you guys are planning on going down Route 66 in a Pink Cadillac can I come too?? That would be so fun!! We could stop at all the tacky tourist spots and stay in cheap motels, and go to laundry mats and snap pictures!! LOL!! Hope all is well! Love the pictures!! Talk to you soon! Sherri XO