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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is love in the air ?

Not the true cupid which lies in the heart of deep admiration and respect for someone - but the imposter......Valentines day... It's the month where we are suppose to tell and show others or perhaps someone special how much we love them. I wonder, really - is it right that we have to do this on 1 specific day of the year? How does that really work? The other 364 are just left to chance - a "but you know I love you anyways" kind of thing. I admit full well that I don't exude love at all moments at the best of times but deep inside where all secrets lie I cherish and value the people I love for many reasons. A card here, a flower there, candies, candles, lingerie, dinner or a coffee or a tea, they are all a pleasant surprise but I think the best thing is the random compliment that everyone could use when you least expect it - It serves as the best way to say I love something about you and I'm compelled to tell you. The hug that makes you feel like someone truly cares about your well-being and the phone calls that say "just checking in because I heard you were sick". That's my kind of Valentines day. So I wish you all a day full of love and compliments - and as you see all the stores brimming with things that your suppose to buy to show your love - remember that it's the behavior that shows love and not the gift itself.

Love you all - everyday.


Claudie said...

Wait you missed one...money in an envelope, gotta love that one lol
Ah yes love is in the air, but I feel like I'm choking. My mouth won't stop flapping. Why is that do you think?
I was smiling yesterday when Sherri sent me a hand made full blown cupcake apron made by "SHERRI". I modelled it today and posted about it. Now if I could just learn to cook.
I like your analogy of love Julie. Your right, but I still like Valentine's Day : )
...and you
Love Claudie

Claudie said...

Oh I LOVE "Who's a philosopher now". That would be "your profile" "about me" kind of thing yes?? LOVE IT.

Claudie said...

Oh and I like where your living today. It looks very "lush".

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie, I couldn't agree more! You nailed it. It's important to remember the ones you love every day, and compliments are the best gifts of all... followed by loving actions. Words with actions, now there is a powerful combo! :-)

Sending you hugs today and every day. I feel like I know you in will, and I know I will soon! YEA! :-)



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hey, Julie!

Let's see if I can answer your question.

First of all, I write my posts in the edit mode (as opposed to compose) because that way, I can move pictures around by clicking on the long bunches of gobbledygoop that are the codes for various pics I've downloaded.

First, you write down the address of the person's blog. You can click on their blog and look up in the bar on top to see their address. It will start with http:// Okay? So, I write that down.

Then, you go into edit mode as opposed to compose, and you write your post, writing the person's name or blog name in your post.

Next you click on the name of the blog or the person's name or both to hightlight it. That's a left click, and then you highlight it with your mouse.

Then, you go up to the little thing that says link (or maybe it has a little chain linky thing as a symbol) and click there. As I recall, it's on the left side of the page.

Click on that.

It might say at the top of the page on the bar to click there to allow temporary links, so you do that by clicking there. Then you click on the linky thing again, and a little bar will open that says: Http:// and you put the address in there and click whatever it says (it might say finish) or whatever. That should give you a link. I hope that helps. If it doesn't, when you come next month, I'll show you how I do it on my laptop. :-)

Hope this helps. I would have emailed you, Julie, but my computer was not supplied with what I think is called a default email. The geeks forgot, so I'm unable to click and pop someone's email address up. If you want to email me with any questions, please feel free to because I'm happy to help. You can reach me at the email link on my profile page.

Happy Valentine's Day to you...


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Julie
Happy Birthday to you...and many more ❤❤❤❤