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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This town looks like a good place to hide out......

I feel an adventure coming on. Another escape from normality or abnormality depending on how you look at it. A one way ticket to a break in the routine. It's okay right? To step out and enjoy the world around you. Meet new faces and have new experiences. Work will always await us and so will the bills and the responsibilities. Guilty pleasures is such a lousy boulder to sit on your shoulder. So I am bending over and letting it fall off. Taking care of as many things as I can before I take a holiday from work, and day to day living. Spending time with someome who wants to spend time having fun with me and what more can I be thankful for at this very moment.

Hold down the fort till I return. We'll chat about where the road led to soon.


Claudie said...

You can be thankful for many things, but yes me for sure, because having you as my fried is one big adventure. Not sure what I would do without you.
Second, that one way ticket may just end up being a one way ticket!
Third, there are many friendly faces out there that are really looking forward to meeting you Julie.
Just think only 3 more sleeps before the big blue bird picks you up and takes you away : )
See you soon & don't forget your lipstick.
Love Claudie

Claudie said...

Ok not fried, FRIEND. Not my fault, it's 9:00 AM, and your still snoring. Just let all the dogs out..now back to bed.
Getting my hair cut today, might find some cool stuff at VV today : )

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You better believe there are people anxiously awaiting meeting you! :-)

Counting the days...


Sheila :-)

1 Funky Woman said...

Hey there, just found you and I find you very fascinating already. Can't wait to find out what adventure you went on.

Megan 1funkywomanblogspot

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Julie! And here's one face that did meet you! So much fun! I had a blast shopping with you, Claudie and CC! Thanks for including me in th efun!...hugs...Debbie

Lisa @ akawest said...

It was great meeting you! Enjoy the rest of your adventure.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie, I miss you. Come baaaaaaaack!

No, you don't want to. I have workmen slated to fix some things. LOL! And then we are going to show it to some people who have to decide if they can afford to buy it, decide whether it's the right house for them, etc. I love them, and I would love them for them to have the house. But I am just asking for God's will to be done. If they are the ones, great! If they're not, then the right ones will come! :-)

In the mean time, I'm keeping the porch light on for you and Claudie. Hoping that the rest of your trip is safe and that someday you'll come back to see us again in Dixie! :-)



Jeanne said...

Julie, are you home from your wonderful adventure yet? I want to hear you are safe and sound girl. I just arrived home Monday night. Home is where the heart is. I went to the cabin and missed you and Claudie so much.

Love you, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Julie and Claudie, I am so happy to hear you are ok and almost home. Thank goodness for your computer Julie so Claudie could let all of us know how you are doing. Now I am worried about Randy. I know Claudie will let me know how he is when she can.

Love you and miss you but I am happy you had a wonderful time on your trip and then to be able to attend a gathering of family and friends for such a special party was terrific. Thirteen hours is a long hard drive though. I know how much you both want your own bed after three weeks away from home. I was ready after 10 days in Florida.

Love you both, Jeanne

racheld said...


I just followed over from Jeanne's blog, and totally LOVE your title picture! All those doorknobs and the letter opener---you have the tools to open anything you want to enter.

And I was just looking at my bowl of clear glass doorknobs last night, admiring their clarity and shine, and thinking I might use them for the "Vintage" day, but Jeanne linked my blog, so I wrote something from ME, not from the house.

I love your ideas and your free, fly-with-the-wind approach to life.

Jeanne said...

Hello Julie, I was actually still up last night. I had just finished my post. I was in the process of turning out the lights and getting to bed. I am a nite owl too sometimes. I suffered for it today though.

I am so glad you and Claudie made it home safe and now life resumes as normal. What ever normal is in each of our lives. smile.

You both had the trip you wanted. It was so lovely to meet you and Claudie. Great times with great people.

I added you to my facebook. I seldom go there as blogging keeps me very busy. It is a good way to communicate.

Love you, Jeanne