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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amidst scones and teacups, strawberries and creme fresh - there is friendship found.

**vintage mirrors are really lovely**

**french newspaper sellers**

** MMMmm - well yes please! **

Where there are scones and warm smelling kitchens, there is "CC". This playful girl is a lover of all things french and has a special connection with tea parties and vintage hats. I still can't believe she's a grandma ...... because I truly saw her as that "playful girl". She had some really cool things in her repotoire. Her bedroom has a wall of vintage framed mirrors over a fireplace that is so romantic. And not at all kinky -(like in a mirrors on the ceiling kind of way). I know she would want me to clarify that. Oh, and I also know you shouldn't start a sentence with "and" - but I don't like all those rules for casual blogging anyways.........so please excuse me if your a teacher or a spell-checker by trade or my friend Claudie who always spots my blunders.
Anyways, tea parties and scones. She has a table with chairs in the guest bedroom upstairs which is reserved for her overniters. It's just the coolest idea for girlfriends I think. She says she can entertain and chit chat about girl stuff - bring up tea and if you feel like it, everyone can wear a different vintage hat which she has hanging on the walls around the table. I can hear laughter and eating and see magazines being passed around and talk of treasures and junking. I wonder how many different kinds of scones she knows how to make. I forgot to ask her, but one things for sure - she is known in the neighborhood because at the antique mall, the man behind the counter mentioned that "CC made the best scones in town and even went so far as to say that her husband was a great guy too." That's small town kind of living at it's best. I have always liked scones but not made them for a long time. I stopped by the bread bakery on my way to work last week and there were samples on the counter. Whole wheat Raspberry and white chocolate scones. And yes, they were pretty tasty. Bought a bag and took 1 a day to work for my morning coffee break. ( It was kind of like remembering to take a daily vitamin but much more pleasant).
The other thing CC does to make the table look special is serve these lovely scones she makes on a pedestal dish with a dome of glass (called a cloche in French I think) over top to make it look like they are on display in a pastry shoppe. She doesn't forget the 2 little dishes on the table either which hold lovely jam and creme fresh to dollop on top. It's all very lovely as she says, "just a moment while I put one of my authentic french "vinyls" on the old phonograph for you to listen to.

You'd just love her. How couldn't you. I had to talk about her because she was on my mind. A 2 day meeting that has resulted in a written friendship that has overflowed into each others hearts. She sent me a box of surprises from across the miles that had some special things inside. I loved the 7 cards for 7 days. Each with a handwritten, encouraging word. A vintage pin that is a pair of horn-rimmed glasses was a real fave in the box. That - she knew - I would absolutely love. The gifts were wrapped in newspaper from Paris that she saved from a trip (photocopies which is brilliant so she could save the originals). and if I wanted to travel to another place, a bottle of Italian lotion that smells fabulous.

I just wanted you to meet her. She's the kind of girl who is hard not to like. She has a blog too and you can visit her at http://catherinesteacups.blogspot.com/

Drop by and enjoy her. You'll make a new friend.


~CC Catherine said...

I am speechless My Dear Jewels~ What a tribute to Moi, the scone loving baker that makes a pretty mean Dippity Do egg! ;) This nearly made me cry! You blessed me by sharing your heart tonight...and how kind each and every word and thought you shared about me and our time together for our visit. I MISS YOU! I just got home from a two week trip up north to our Mum's...and hope to post soon. Again, thanks for the tribute, I'm so honored! :) Hugs & Kisses with TONS of LOVE! ~CC - Merci Sweetie! :)

Claudie said...

You have such a way with words Julie. I'm no editor believe you me.
CC is just that special light in your life, and I'm so glad we had the chance to stay with her.
She has a way of making everyone feel loved and comfy. Of course her scones are THE BEST. I remember you making many scones in our White Rock days. You were always baking something special too.
Our trip South is etched in my heart and my soul forever and ever, because of wonderful friends like CC.
Love you
Love me

Jeanne said...

Hi Julie, I have been so bad this summer about keeping in touch with everyone. Like CC is in your thoughts you are so often in mine. I need to be in touch more often. I just arrived home from my daughter's house in Knoxville and for the first time this summer there is nothing scheduled until October. Big sigh!

I hope your summer was a good one Julie. It will soon be fall. Time seemed to pass us by this summer. Or is it because of my age? HA!

Your post about CC is so sweet. She is not only a great hostess, re: your wonderful visit, she is a caring person. Her comments show her personality perfectly. I wish I could have met her too.

The scones sound so delicious. My cousin Marilyn loves baking scones too. I love eating them. Smile.

Have a wonderful weekend Julie and thank you for your sweet comment.

Love you, Jeanne xoxoxo

jblack designs said...

What a lovely post!

P.S. Start all the sentences you want with the word "and." As you say, it's a blog! Plus, there's no rule that says you can't. Maybe that stern 3rd grade teacher said so, but she was just trying to prevent her students from writing fragments. Of course, she could have just taught them to avoid fragments instead of taking a perfectly good sentence opener out of circulation, but, well, we can't have everything, can we? And (how's that?!) it's the perfect way to add another thought. ;-)


~Deborah~ said...

How sweet! And I can't wait to see all that sweetness in person next summer!