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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Fountains of Youth have been here all along!


I love them. Fountains. The dancing water and the mist that splashes when you get close. Even the sound of the trickling water calms your mind and slows you down. I have been shooting pictures for a while and realized there is something that draws me in. I have always had a dream of having a huge cement fountain sculpted in my yard that is actually a hot tub on the bottom row. Wouldn't that be incredible? A work of art that is also an experience at the same time. If only I could build it - let alone have a place to put it. (That's what daydreams are for however)... Big ideas that are beyond the current budget.

Anyways, I thought I'd share some of the photo's. There is a special series of fountain pictures that I started on my travels. When nobody is looking we (whoever I am with) throws of thier shoes, hikes up thier dresses and slips into the cool water for a quick photo. Always a laugh and always a good memory......... but not always allowed! So you must be quick. And never ever ask permission. Someone will always say.... "Oh, no you mustn't do that". And that would spoil all the fun.

In beautiful St. Augustine. (This could be the hot tub fountain) It would totally work. It just needs higher sides right?

(This was in the casino lobby and - the security guard came running over and said "hey.... you can't do that")
Too late. We did.

Dancing water in Savannah, Georgia. Little kids stripped down in the warm weather and danced with the water. Wet shirts, wet hair, nobody cares. Oh to be so carefree. Then we grow up.


Claudie said...

I could surely use a little "dippin" today. It's hot hot hot. I'm going to post about our Savannah trip also, when I find the time. Had a great reunion in Colton, N.Y. yesterday. Cousins coming out of my ears, just the way I like it. My cousin Carol Anne want's me to help her sell her jewelry this Thurs. Fri, Sat. Sun. She said she pay me in jewels or cash. Not sure if I want to thought. It's in my home town : ( I guess it depends how Randy is. He had a bad day yesterday. We think he has Pleurisy again. What next? Back to the doc tomorrow, if he can wait that long.
Wishing you and I were jumping in a fountain together again.
I miss you and our adventures.
Love You
Love Me

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie! Long time no see!!!

I loved seeing this, and I passed by the "scene of crime" today because we went for brunch at La Pentola... remember where I took you and Claudie? We had an early brunch, and now Mr. M is preparing for a trial that starts on Tuesday. I'm resting. It's been a long few weeks.

Hope all is well with you. It rained here for two days straight, and it looks like it might have finally cleared. I hope so because there are all sorts of activities planned for the Fourth! I'm going to go see the fireworks tonight.

Love and miss you...


Sheila :-)

Deborah said...

I was wondering when I would see those pictures :) A beautiful post. I am a water person so I love the thought of cool trickling water. yes that red fountain could totally work as a hot tub fountain with minor adjustments.

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Julie! Love this Water Fountain post! Very "refreshing"...I actually felt like I got a few drops on me! :) I took a pic when I was in Charleston of a Pineapple fountain that is located on what they call The Waterfront Park. It's gorgeous. It's one of my favorite photo cards I've done. You should do a search on Pineapple Fountain Charleston, SC and read up on it. You'll see some photos...and I know you'll love it! Hey, when you come to wade in it for a pic, call me...I'll drive over and snap it for ya! :) Hugs girlie! Love ya! ~CC