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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I get out of movies......

I was watching a movie yesterday and one of the lines in it caught my attention...

It was not an Alice in Wonderland show but there was a moment when a comment made the whole movie seem clear to me.
Brittany Murphy was in this one ( I love her and think - sadly - she died too soon). In this show she is driving in her car talking to herself and she says....

"How is it that a girl can fall down a rabbit hole into a world of chaos and come out unchanged?"

I say, SHE CAN'T !

Look how Alice herself has changed over the years.

I am surely not the same girl I was when I first got married and had my children. Thinking about it - there is so much living in a life - how can anyone come through it unchanged? I think it is simply impossible. We are shaped by our experiences and those we hang around with and work with and by what we see, hear and listen to. So is that what we call wisdom? I always thought that only the grandma's and grandpa's were filled with wisdom. The nuns, the priests, the pastors, the monks. They spend a lot more time listening than talking and I think that is wisdom in itself. I always talk too much. My friends say that is what makes me who I am and to never change but I totally get the concept of listening and keeping things close to your heart. I vow to keep trying to get better at it. To ask people questions about thier lives and to just sit and let them be in the driver seat of the conversation pool for a while.

So, about that Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole moment. I guess that's it. How brilliant. She is an unsettled girl with an inquisitive nature who finds herself in all sorts of predicaments - some of her own doing - some scary, - some fun - and in the end she finds her way back - enlightened - and appreciating where she had begun just a little bit more.

Did I get it right? It looks so much easier in the movies. Truly I think it is.


~CC Catherine said...

Hey Jewels! Love this post! Life's experiences surely do add a few pills of wisdom our way, for sure! One of the movies I love to watch is the one where Bruce Willis is an advertiser promoter making big bucks...he's going through life really not contented, then enters this little boy into the picture...and it is him as a little boy & he takes him on this journey back to his childhood. I can't remember the name of the film right now; but what I love about it is that this little boy takes him back to remembering how he became who he was as an adult...why was he guarded, why did he never cry, why did he hardly have a relationship with his dad and why could he not have a healthy long lasting relationship with a woman. It's a rivoting movie that shows that all of us in some way are molded by the injuries in our early childhood days, and that sometimes even as adults, we have to get those places healed to move on in our adult life. Let me know if you've seen this movie Julie, if not...I'll get the name of it for you. The end is VERY rewarding! :) And I love a great ending! :) xoxoxo Love you girlie! ~CC

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Reading this really made me miss you even more, Julie!

It also reminded me of the fun we had at that movie, laughing and sitting there in our three-D glasses. Like three young girls. And I still laugh about us covering the AC with a shower curtain in the rain and just trotting off to have fun! ;-) We chose not to let it rain on our parade, and it didn't. :-)

And that's how I see you. A fun, creative girl who loves adventure, and also a girl with a big, big heart who can roll with the punches and rise up stronger.

We are the sum total of all of our life's experiences. And how we choose to react to them is a matter of choice on our part. It has taken me half a century to figure that out, but I'm there, I think. Maybe. A little? ;-)

And you are a listener. I definitely felt that from you, and your talking is bubbly and bright and worth hearing. So, talk on, my friend!


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Hey girlfriend
The movie CC is referring to is called "THE KID". It's a Disney Movie. It really is a good one. Opens your eyes to what you can grow up to be if your not carful.
When Alice does go down that hole, she's living in a "not so bad" world, really. I think going through all the "wacky" experiences she does, makes her realize that her life could be this way. To me she comes out knowing who she wants to be, and what she wants in life. She goes into the hole a "little" girl, but comes out "bigger & wiser".
I was never an Alice girl or fan, I just wanted to leave my home town to experience what was out of my little circle. I knew in my heart that life would be better for "Claudie" if I moved away.
I'm learning to listen also, but also to shut my mouth as much as possible when tension arrises. I'm trying to be more compassionate, something I need to work on on a daily basis. It seems we get tougher after certain situations throughout our lifetime, some worse than others. We gals re-act, instead of de-fuzz and sometimes say things we don't mean. It's like a cat and mouse game don't you think?
I actually love you just the way you are my friend. Our distance is also OK. I think we would get into too much trouble if you were my neighbour. I think we would be looking for way too many rabbit holes to jump into let alone fountains : )
Love You
Love Me

Sherri said...

Good one Julie!
In a sense I think we fall down that hole every day of our lives. I guess every situation good or bad moulds us into the people we are. Some events and people changing us more than others. Sometimes for either the better or worse. I find that as time goes by (so quickly) you learn to surround yourself with the people in your life that truly matter and are there for you. Some least expected people surprise you while others you thought you could count on let you down. Change is good! What a boring world it would be if we all stayed the same!!
Very deep Julie! That was just far too much thinking for me! Hope your summer is going well so far! Come by and have some wine with me when you have a spare moment : )

Sherri said...

Hi Julie! Just testing this out! I made a new Blog on Blog Spot. Trying to get away from all the work of the IWEB. I found it just too much work and not enough time. Sometime I would just want to post something quick and it was so much work to set everything up! Lot's of fun options etc. But Blog Spot is getting much better too. I just posted a comment on FB. Your fountain pics really crack me up! Glad you had fun at Cirque. I've never been before. Everyone keeps telling me I should go. I just never thought I would like it much! Hope you are enjoying the summer so far! This weather has been unbelievable ( lets hope it keeps up!) Hugs! Sherri