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Sunday, October 17, 2010

File it under "y" for yesterday.

Filing it... That's what I am doing. So so many changes. There have been things that have frustrated me beyond belief and things that have surprised me and made me smile. I have found that those small unexpected messages are the ones that make the "y" file of yesterdays brighter. Last week I was on hold for an hour with our cable company for help from a "technical service representative". That is one of those frustrating moments. I have managed to feed wires through a hole in the wall to hang the new TV on the wall and got a splitter and some high def cables that I was told to get. The thing is.... I must have something hooked up wrong because its not working. I had to remember to be charming when the poor guy actually answered because I didn't feel so charming at that moment. I was feeling proud of myself for how far I got - but that soon lost its impact on my enthusiasm. The most recent big change besides my divorce and the sale of our family home is a move to a new community. Being single again has its great benefits and some that you just have to swallow. ( But I figure I am in good company) >There are moments when I am frustrated by electronics and financial arrangements that just seem like such a hassle. I hate hassle now. It's what makes me cranky. I just don't want to do it AT ALL anymore. With moving to a bigger place, I found I needed a bigger T.V. So I started researching to figure out what I should get. I decided I wanted an LG brand. For some reason I had fixated on that. So I found a good one and I am happy with it but the most brilliant thing about it is that I didn't know that LG stood for "life is good".So everytime I turn on my T.V. that's the message. A good reminder everytime you sit down to see what is going on in the world. And then there's this microwave in the kitchen that is pretty nice too. Once you heat up whatever you put in it... it has a message that comes up in the window that says "enjoy your meal". You just want to say "thank you" back. I figured out that the 2 eye beams in the garage have to be lined up for the garage door to open and close properly with the remote.. yes, all by myself..... and I researched for a new vaccume that was seriously way too much money and then found one on craigslist when I got home.So I talked to this very helpful salesguy originally about the new Miele which is suppose to be a great machine. Would have cost me 699.00 which is reee-diculous. (I think the vaccume should have been listed as an asset in our divorce for that price) and I bought one for $125.00. Felt bad for the time he spent explaining it all to me - but I need to be good with my money so... I hoped someone else would come in and buy one from him that day.
Got new tires on my car too. Phoned in the right numbers even. Then I took care of a problem with those Visa cards you can buy that are suppose to be like cash. Sent them to my friend and they didn't work. Big big hassle and I think I may be able to get a refund. Still waiting for a confirmation on seeing a refund. Phone trees and e-mail and being on hold to lousy music is partially why we are such a stressed society. Anyways... my thoughts are this. I am not a women's libber that we don't need a man to do these things because truly when they do them for us - I interpret it as love. Someone does something for you just because they have the kindness to take the troubles off your hands, But when it comes down to being on your own - it's do-able. Kind of like raising a family anyways and taking care of all those small details that can slip through the cracks. (That's why moms lock the bathroom door and just lay in a tub of warm bubbly water) a place of no problems an no tasks. These days I am recognizing how much goes on in a day... week.... month and all the things each of us do to just keep life moving forward. It's thankless - but its necessary and procrastination is a demon that piles up around you and makes you feel overwhelmed. So list making is good and writing it down makes it seem small compared to what your mind perceives.The psychologist are right and so are all those advice givers on TV. Crossing things off a list is like sending stress out the window. It clears your brain for something fresh. So I am going to go make a nice tea and wait for the Geek Squad to arrive to solve my last problem. By dinner tonite - I hope to be reading a book or lost in a movie because I have nothing else I need to take care of. Won't that be nice.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am so glad to hear from you, Julie! I have been wondering how you are, and I'm glad to see that you are shedding some of the stresses on that list. Yes, it does feel good to accomplish a list and then toss it so you can do something you enjoy.

I thought of you all today as we are in St. Augustine, and the weather is positively GLORIOUS. It's as if the Chamber of Commerce ordered it. Do you remember that little night spot that you all went to on the night of the big party? That whole side of the street was revamped, and they now have outdoor tables and new bricks in the street. The other evening they had a whole group of flamenco dancers doing a presentation.

Here's to lots of wonderful books and movies and things that make you happy...


Sheila :-)

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Hi Sweet Julie! So happy to see something from you.

You are right - a single life is doable - not easy, but it can be done and I would say a great learning experience - just perhaps not one a person might choose.

You are a smart lass and you can do it until that time when something might come along to double your pleasure.
Meanwhile, enjoy those long bubble baths, chick movies and vintage shopping.

I'm with Shiela - I love making lists, crossing items off, and tossing it so I can play!

Love you, Girlie! and hope to see pictures of our time Van soon!

Miss Bee

Claudie said...

Were your ears ringing? I spoke to Manon about how special you are to me, just like her. I took the curvy road yesterday. You were sitting right beside me.
I'm not a list girl, not even a grocery list, but lately I've been forgetting what I need. I was settling in, not doing much of anything and then bang!! The ball started rolling again. Yours will roll again too, a good roll, like a yummy cinnamon roll all gooey and sticky and totally fattening : )
Think of your LG, and the microwave words coming out of my mouth. I will greet you in the morning when you warm up your tea. I will greet you in the evening when you have your P.J.'s on settling in to watch a great chic flick.
I like that your life is "doable" right now.
Prince Charming will come one day, just ask Manon. Oh the 3 of us are going to have some very very special times, trust me ( that woud be me, you and her)... and Randy too.
Glad to see you posting, even if it's to vent.
Love you, with an extra HUGE hug.