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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Days in a year, hours in a day, moments in an hour.....


When I think about it...   isn't that what it boils down to.      And within those moments there are amazing things that happen and things we wish would pass quickly.

    Today's moments?      

Well,     Found the key to my mailbox that had been MIA for a bit.   Opened it to find the answers to a few things I had been wondering about.   How much do I owe on my Visa?   Report card for my son. Note from the doctors office for a referral.  (Luckily its not til June).  Some government stuff relating to taxes and kids.    Lots of stuff that's on special for mothers day and the usual stuffers for pizza & oil changes (that  I don't need) and my sons cell phone bill.  Not much there to get excited about.  Wish I hadn't found the key!
     So me and Charlie went for a walk.   A pretty long one.  Fresh air is always the answer.
   I had him at the vet yesterday and he is suppose to loose 8 lbs.     How does a little dog do that?    So we are walking......   

Along the way, we found another dogs tag on the sidewalk.    I picked it up and after considering making a necklace out of it - tucked it in my pocket so we could call Gus's owners when we got home.    
Made the call and apparently they lost it a month ago.   Had another one made but were thankful for the call and will come by and pick it up.  Maybe they will bring me flowers?     Ha!   Charlie flaked out on his bed.   Get a load of those tired eyes.    He didn't even notice I didn't give him any dinner.   Poor guy.  That's crash dieting! 

Fair is fair so I skipped dinner too.    Made some Sangria instead - which I thought I would share.     Sort of a Julie modified version but works and tastes quite nice.    
     By the glass...   
      Large wine glass with 1/2 red wine.  
      Add a splash of Cognac
      Fill 3/4 of the rest of the way with white grape juice.
      Then I had some Fresca so a splash of that too.
      Slice some fruit into it and voila!   
        Just add cheese and crackers.   Who needs dinner.  
(You can use apples, oranges, lemon slices or even some strawberries. )    
Then I decided to call an old friend who left her number on a post it note on my garage.   I ran into her husband while he was walking his pooch and turns out they live in the townhouse complex too.  So funny how life is.      Twists and turns of fate everywhere.     It's all in the timing.    

And so....   tomorrow is Mothers Day.   I noticed that there are a ton of yellow dandelions everywhere.  

They usually thrive after a big bout of rain.    Isn't that what mothers do too when the kids are young and life is busy and  you are working, and cooking, and trying to be in 3 places at one time?    Thrive despite the exhaustion and the issues along the way? We pass the young years and move into teendom which feels a little like pergatory right now.    Then onto the 20's where things begin to settle - everything can't be mom's fault right?    Where did all those precious moments go?  It's bittersweet.  It's the little bits of bright yellow in those dandelions  - that are like encouragement to keep going -    I looked at those flowers today and thought -   they keep coming back every year.   What resilience.  
  My resilience is fading at this time of the year, on these days, in these moments because life is not always a bowl of yellow daisies when the calendar says we should be celebrating.
Today it is a bowl of yellow dandelions.      Because we try to be strong and no matter how many times someone tries to pluck your head off to stop you from thriving...     there is another season around the corner.   I thought I had done a pretty decent job of bringing up my boys -  but was informed by one of them that I had failed at it last week.  

  Of course that makes me sad -( and that's where my head pops off)   - but we don't always know where anger comes from.   Frustration I guess.    Is Mother's Day a day to celebrate always saying yes to your children so they will think we are the best?    I am afraid not.   Saying No means that there will be no Mother's Day celebration this year.   But it's okay.   
I do care how my children behave, and learn, and treat others.   
     I love them as any mother does.    The dandelions will be pushing thier heads up again and again and again.   
But just the same I do want to say....
     A most sincere Happy Mother's Day to my friends whose hearts we share.     May you always know that your children have received much from your love, insight and care.     May you look at dandelions in a whole new way.

Love ya.

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wendy said...

Oh Julie, I can't wait to meet you. We will have so much fun. I have butterflies just thinking of this fun get together this summer.

I'll have to try your Sangria's.

I believe your son was speaking out of frustration, cause I'd bet anything he truly loves you and did not mean the words he said.
Kids, they are like that sometimes.
I'll have to share with you a very sad, hurtful time between Matt (my son who died) and me..........I believe he didn't mean what he said, but it haunts me to this day and we "ran out of time" to fix it before he died.
We should never LET TIME get the best of us. Fix things now, love now, help now, care now!!!
Good analogy about dandilions. We get tons of them here when it warms up (not here yet). TONS.
But I will look at them differently now.
I already adore you.