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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can't find the key to my mailbox......

 I haven't emptied it in quite a while and I don't really know what is in it.   A lot of bills come electronically so I guess I don't have to worry about being overdue - but the good stuff is suppose to come in the mailbox right?    
 I wonder if there is one of these?

 I usually get some kind of internal prompt to look somewhere obscure for things I can't find and "poof"   there it is.     But no insight as yet.  

I have looked in my purses to see if its tucked away in one of the pockets.  I am sure it is.    Really sure.  In fact I should look again.     There are 2 keys on it.  One to the front door and one to the mailbox and a charm that says "ooh la la".       How can that go missing?     Kind of like these.   Anybody seen them?

So, while I have been leaving that issue in the back of my mind - I've noticed it's Christmas.
I feel like wearing this around the house.     Kind of a secret Christmas in my spirt.   It just wants to leap out - but I won't let it.

(Carla Coulson Photo.  Love her so much)
So I have been gawking at all the beautiful displays,  the lovely boxes of treats, the Christmas dresses, and the pretty lights.     There is just so much creativity and color.  
   I took some pictures on my iphone because I didn't have my camera with me  while I was wandering around the market. It's good in a pinch but I should know better than to leave it at home.  
 I had to buy raisons to make butter tarts for one of those cookie exchange things.   Which is what I am suppose to be doing now.    (Pastry is done so I figure its gonna be quick.  But really its not.  I play these games).

In the parking lot at the little mall  is Santas visiting house.   He's not there yet because I looked in the window.  But look what I saw.    It's so magical for kids.  

  I never told you about the little man I met at the dog park.  Well - he's been the Santa in this little house for 30 years.    It was the day before remembrance Day and he arrived with his very very old blind golden lab.   She was so lovey.   "Santa"  being the charmer he was - says to his dog....   come here girl and say hi to the pretty lady.      Doesn't charm always win a girl over?    Anyways - he told me he usually starts growing his beard in July of every year to be ready for Christmas.     Totally real.  He had the Santa tummy and a warm smile.   You could tell he loved to chat.   I asked him if he had any good stories from the experiences with the kids and he chuckled like Santa would and said  - "oh yes, but my memory is not so good about these things anymore".     He did remember a specific little boy who showed up for 3 years in a row in a santa suit.   Just stood at the door.  But this Santa said - he always went out to talk to the kids who wouldn't come in - just to give them that lucky Santa Candy Cane.      So this is the first year he is not doing it.   He is going in for heart surgery.   He says he's not worried at all.    In his 80"s.  Go figure.    What a lovely man.   So here's the look in his window.   His chair is there.   I can just imagine all the photo albums that have this view in it.  Santa in his chair and crying babies reaching for thier mom's.    

I love the lights at nite especially.   It's like the whole city is wrapped up like presents.  
 Inside the store I found this Grinchy little tree.    It made me smile.   I get the Grinch.  Totally.    He has been disgruntled by life but in the end love prevails.      Thank God for soft hearts and love.
Isn't it funny.  

 Cute napkins...    Wanted:  Mistletoe Volunteer......        I guess it depends who's standing in line for a free kiss when you be a volunteer.    Some people don't brush twice a day.    Just saying.    I wonder if that's why you don't see as much mistletoe hanging around.       We need more kissing I think.

I bought a snow shovel.     Just in case I need it.   My neighbor lent me one last year which I thought was very kind of him.  See - people still help people.   It's nice.      This year I am ready.   I'll lend mine out.    

And if I feel like it I will dig a big heart in the middle of the road to stop people in thier tracks.

I haven't done anything but let ideas roll around in my head.    I know the mail needs to go and I have to get it together.     What is the matter with me these days?      I have no power to stop the clock.

And clearly ignoring the situation has not made it go away.  

But this has helped me to see things as they are.     Still no key - but I know when that Letter to Juliet shows up - so will the key.  



C'est moi Claudette said...

Does that mean I don't get a present?

C'est moi Claudette said...

Kidding of course.
I commented as soon as you posted this last night. I wrote a LONG ass comment and I come back and Poof, it's gone... I wasn't logged in I guess. Crap, I hate it when that happens.
Find your key sista. I've sent you something and you better get it before you leave.
I can't believe you found that man's Xmas house?? LOVE IT. How cool is that?
NO NO NO to that dress Missy.
Those charms look like the pickupsticks charms I have.
Your butter tarts ARE THE BEST. How come you didn't make any when you were here??
Maybe Tys should take the Mistletoe job or Parker. You never know where that job could lead... just kidding. Maybe you should take it. extra $$ for VV.
You've made snow angels, so why not some hearts?? LOVE that idea. Will have to make those if it would ever snow. NOTHING yet.
So, snap out of the Grinch mode, he's rubbing off on me a little this year too... but I'm fighting him off.
Now go find that key!!!!
You know I miss you terribly and I'm jealous that your going away soon. Yes I am, but I still love ya.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Ok I'm not suppose to be here, really.
I feel like I'm in Vancouver today. It's drizzling rain, yucky stupid rain. Where is my SNOW???
If it doesn't snow I'm taking a vacation to the North Pole. Well maybe not. Maybe Mexico??

wendy said...

Here I am !!!!!
I totally want some of those tarts. I absolutely love them. One of my favorite things, damn, why can't I just like a carrot or celery?????
I haven't done any baking....
I am leaving for Utah on the 14th and am pretty stoked about that. Anxious to see the kiddies.
ha ha...funny that Claudie is giving your the nix-nay on the green tutu dress...I can see you swirling around in it.
That was a lovely story about SANTA. What a lovely man for sure.
There was much in your post here about love, sweetness, soft Christmas spirit.
I remember when I was growing up, my dad would get up early on a morning where it had snowed the day before...and just surprise some neighbors, by shoveling their walks, so it was done for them when they headed out the door.
So....I always remembered it. When I was working In Salt Lake City, and after having rode the train back to where I'd park my car, if it had snowed, I would first clean off the windows of my car...and then I'd clean off the windows on either car to each side of me.
It made me smile to think of them coming to their car, with everything cleaned off.
It is fun to do things like that.
Sorry...I sorta rambled there.

I've been missing you. I wish I could hear you laugh and see your great smile. Dang, why do all of us have to live soooo far away from each other.
BIG HUG....and lots'a love.

jeanne said...

Here I am Julie. I was here last night and fell asleep with my hands on the computer keys. THAT was interesting. HA! I gave up and went to bed.

So this morning I am here reading everything you posted and loving it all. Julie, your dreaming ideas, softness of your beautiful heart, and your awesome photos have entertained me for a long time. I truly hated to see it end.

LOVE the heart in the snow, the dear man who is a real (beard) Santa and the old guy in a Santa suit charming the frightened children with a candy cane.

Hurray, you found your key!!!

I love you and miss you so much my dear sista friend.
Jeanne xoxoxo

~CC Catherine said...

You silly jilly! :) I love you Juliet! I can hear you narrate this post to me as I read each word with the inflection in your tone as each syllable goes up and down like a seesaw. Did you ever ride on a seesaw when you were a kid? The post was great, as always! You take me into your Juliet Web and I love it. The Santa house is precious and the story of the Santa is too. He's 80 years old! wow...what stories he could tell of all these years past, I'm sure. I hope you found your mail key honey, I mailed you a package and I pray it's there! xoxo Love you to the MOON & BACK! xoxo ~CC