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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coffee Table Art

I love the book store. All those fantastic covers and creative images - so many subjects and never enough time to read! I just told a girlfriend that we should start a magazine club instead of a book club because we could at least finish them before the next meeting comes around! So this book thing... My dad started that when we were little kids and I always remember that it was his "thing" to go to the bookstore to buy books - usually a couple of days before Christmas - to put under our stockings. I always loved that. He would pick books that each of us in our family were interested in. My mom usually got cookbooks , my brother - books on cars and later as his interests flourished, books on drawing and painting. I got books on gymnasts, and puppies and crafts and ballet and "you name it" because I was interested in everything. Now, that I'm all grown up and I have refined my tastes so to speak. I am thankful that he started such a great tradition. Now that he is gone and I am reminiscing, I think this year I will buy everyone books in his honor. (Great idea Julie..... ) So, now I find that I always notice books on people's coffee tables. I think it tells a story about their lives or what they may be interested in. Take a look the next time you are visiting and see what's around. Actually - would't that be a good question for speed daters? You could ask them... "If I were to be looking at your coffee table right now... What would I find there?" Maybe they would say, "I don't have a coffee table". or.... "My feet are on there!" ..... or "Romeo & Juliet, in Latin" . Wow. Ponder that and enjoy some of my personal coffee table art moments that my camera spotted.

Meet me at the Bibliotheque??? I'll be looking at magazines.
Love Julie


claudie said...

Well let's see what's on my coffee table? Two pairs of feet, sometimes with Mucklucks, two twin laptops, fly fishing mags that Randy hasn't had time to read, bills to be paid, a bottle of B Complex from a good friend, videos, like 10 of them that have to be returned... can you tell my coffee table is HUGE? You know it Julie.
Great post. As soon as I saw Art, I knew your dad was going to be in it.
You know I love seeing that little icon that tells me "Julie posted".
Great one again, it's sooooo you.
Love Claudie

sherri@lavenderfileds said...

Wow Julie you're on a roll here! What book do I have on my coffee table ? The Secret. It has sat there for about 2 years unread. But it goes nicely with the table runner.LOL!! Everyone asked me what the Secret is and I don't know! Maybe it's to write a book called The Secret and make lots of money!!
What a great idea for Christmas gifts! I just love the new Indigo book store. It's so nice to just wander through looking like you said at all the books! Have a great day! Awesome post and pictures!! Thanks for the comments on my site. I messed up and everyones got erased!