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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mirror's are only skin deep.....

"Always moisturize your neck because someday it could be your face." Doesn't that make you chuckle? I read it in on a journal page I came across and it made me think about how every time I go to Winners to browse, the first thing I look at is the face cream section to see if there is any good stuff that says "Made in Italy" ( That makes it the best as far as I am concerned)....
Anyways, today I feel like I have a Rhino's horn on my forehead. I wonder what kind of a headache those poor creatures must have with that kind of pressure between their eyes all day. Today I am thankful for bangs - as I think that unless a wind comes up - I am the only one who'll know I have a big pimple that has erupted right in the middle of my forehead. It's hard to put your best foot forward when those things show up. Thank you hormones. I love you for keeping my skin full of elasticity - but I could truly do without the other. So, the "moisturizing your neck thing because it could be your face someday" has made me laugh and that pimple that I am making believe is a horn I will choose to forgot when I walk away from the mirror. Spritz a little perfume, donne a little pale pink lipstick and put my big flower ring on my pointing finger and away I go. I figure putting your best foot forward is all smoke and fire really and so if something is just not working for you in one department, do the best you can and work on another area. ( Like a detour sign in the middle of the road ) That's all I have to say about that.


claudie said...

You sure do see things in a different light Julie. You crack my face up LOL
I'm feeling over wheeled today. Attacking the bathroom with Cindy, trying to paint the counter tops, yeah, while the windows are open.
The good part is that it's another beautiful sunny day. I have to take the counter top outside and sand it and "bin" it.. prime it.
Rotten sleep last night, but did score again at Value Village. Wait till you see the poodle lamps I found....CUTE CUTE. Now I have to paint them. Randy said "OK I think you've lost it Claudie"... no not yet. I have so much more cream to put on my face!!!!
Love you and seeing your funny thoughts.
Love Claudie

sherri@lavenderfields said...

Wow! I never knew Winners even sold face cream! What is the deal?? I think I had better skin as a teenager!! Anyone who said chocolate doesn't make you break out hasn't met me yet. Or milk. And now we're at the point where if the wine isn't Chilean that can do it too! The only face cream I've found is this Lancome stuff for sensitive skin and I practically need to take out a second mortgage to buy it!!LOL!! You've got lots of cute headband things that look great on you, no one will know! Hopefully tomorrow night is still OK. Looking forward to seeing you. I old Claudie she's welcome to join us if she could catch a flight out in time!!
See you soon : ) Sherri XO

Claudie said...

Well here I sit in the quiet moments. Yes I said quiet. Not a mouse stirring, well maybe one tiny one in the cupboard, but I'll let him out tomorrow morning.
My word verification is "question" how weird is that? So I will ask "how are you girlfriend?". Silly question isn't it? As if I don't know how you are.
Have you tried that soap yet? Let me know if "it" washes all your troubles away ok?
Just stopping in to say hi
Love you
Love Claudie

You Are My Fave said...

Oh yes, the fundamental idea of distraction. I use it on a daily basis.