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Monday, December 28, 2009

How can they know me and all the others too?

I happened on my horoscope today: Aquarius. And this is what it said...... Someone telling you that you're unique, odd or strange would be the best compliment you could receive. You love to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and you don't mind it in the least. The people closest to you can't seem to figure out why you try so hard to be different, and you can't for the life of you understand why they settle for being so ordinary. Instead of arguing just to argue, why not simply agree to disagree? Hmmmmm. I let that settle in my mind and then.... I wonder. This seems like someone has written this specifically because of who I am. I kind of agree with what it is suggesting about the way I behave, perhaps how I think , how I choose to dress and decorate and why I don't see the world like others do . But how can all of us Aquarians - and there would be millions right? - all be inclined the same way? I read horoscopes for a bit of a lark from time to time and then think about if I can apply any of it to my life. Sometimes I read them the day after they are printed or a week after even and think back to see if any of it is even true. What are we searching for? Hidden answers or clues to yesterdays and tomorrows? Confirmation that what I did was right or worse - wrong and it's too late to change it anyways. The elusive crystal ball of events. It's that whole philosophical domino effect thing. That's another one to put your head around. If you go back and change just 1 thing in a chain of events you would be affecting so many others in thier path. It just doesn't work. So, I give in. Making mistakes and moving forward is all anyone is expected to do. If we are lucky - we will hit it right more than once or twice and truly, do we need these messages to tell us what we already know inside anyways? Sometimes I think they are like secret messages that drop on by to remind us that we need to pay attention. Attention to what? That's a personal thing that draws us to these little messages. So, I think they have a place in this big dictionary of life. It doesn't matter how we get it. Just that at some point we do.

Phewww. That's a lot of juliology.


Claudie said...

Phewww alright. Where did that come from? oh yeah the HOROSCOPE thing.
I say crack open up a Fortune Cookie and read that one out loud. I have a feeling the guy next to you will have the same one. Well he might be cute so that's good right?
I think your Horoscope said "Julie will be the Queen Bee for 2010. She's going to be happy all of the time, and when her feet hit the floor in the morning the devil is going to say "Holy Crap she's up!! That's my prediction.
This is how I see your world.
Your friend

Sherri said...

That's funny! I always wondered about Chinese Horoscopes too! How can everyone who was born the same year be going through the same things? Then I would think of everyone I went to school with that was the same age. I have never really paid much attention to Horoscopes. Mainly because I don't like looking into the future! I'm very good at burying my head in the sand! LOL! Even New Years Eve brings me a bit of stress, thinking about the future, and what the year will bring! As for being different Julie that is who you are and that is why people are drawn to you! It comes naturally to you! You're so not boring! So don't ever change! Love Sherri : )

Claudie said...

i will take the black chair right now. They so beat my butt in Monopoly today. It was a 5 hour game..... did I tell you how I dislike that game...yes I did. I thought so.
I'm going now, well kind of.