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Monday, December 14, 2009

I had to take the bus today....

I am spoiled and I have an issue with taking the bus. It stems from an incident when I was out of highschool and I was going out to meet friends for New Years. A looong time ago. I was dressed up and took the bus to the city - it was about an hours ride and I was to spend the nite at a friends. The ride was completely distressing. Weird people all around me - making comments and freaking me out. Needless to say - I have always since had a car and driven. Well today, we were threatened with a big snowfall and my car is great for a sunny day but horrible in the snow. So I drove to work when I thought it was safe, left my car there and took the bus home.
It was on my mind all day - having to take the bus by myself home. I just had to do it. Be on my own and do what hundreds of others do everyday. So I get a tea at Tim Horton's near the stop and waited for the bus to come. It came pretty fast - and I had the exact change ready in my pocket so I wouldn't fumble at the pay thing. I got on and passed a man with his dog in a carrier, a mom with 2 sleeping kids in a stroller covered with one of those plastic shields to keep them dry, and several guys that just didn't seem to have friendly written all over them.. I had to stand with my hot tea and was hoping I wouldn't spill it on my neighbor. Some guy in the back was pretending to cry like his toddler really loud and you just didn't even want to turn around and look for fear he might be offended. Some other guy got on with an ipod set to "let everyone else hear my crappy music"..... and again - you don't say anything because he might just hurt you.
Eventually I got a seat by the window which was so dirty you couldn't even really see out. People pulled the string to alert the "get off" sign and slowly the bus numbers dwindled down. Phew..... eventually I reached my neighborhood. It looked safe because I know it I guess.
When my stop got close I took the rear exit and stepped out into the fresh air with such relief you have no idea.

So what was so bad? Why do I have such an issue about this? Did I have a dog cage in tow? 2 kids in a stroller that I had to wrangle off the bus all by myself? No. Do I own my own car so I don't have to ride everyday? Yes. Really, I am spoiled obviously and I needed a taste of reality. Maybe I need an intervention. Whatever it is - I get it. I was looking at the whole thing with the wrong attitude. I agree to smarten up.
I found some pictures of some really cool bus stops from around the world and I wonder if I got to wait in one of these if I would want to ride more often? Maybe I need a buddy. That would be better. Everything is better with a friend. That is the answer. Next time I should try to make a friend and not be one of those guys who I thought looked so unfriendly. I love the bus stop with the swing. Brilliant. Or the one of the little living room with the vines growing around it. The strawberry? It's in Japan apparently and the modern one is in Germany.
Isn't perception funny. I always have to watch mine.



Sherri said...

Yay! You're back! I love it when you post! You were smart to take the bus! Once it started snowing it really came down quickly! I guess we are all a little spoiled eh? I honestly haven't been on a bus in over 20 years. It's funny Sam and I were just laughing yesterday! I was complaining about how rude people were at the public pool. I could write a book "My Memoirs of the Public Pool". He was saying You haven't seen anything about how rude people are until you ride the bus! To tell you the truth it scares me! Your pics on FB are a hoot! Just so much fun! You have some really great friends! I have a few cute pics of you guys I'll put up. Unfortunately Charlies was so dark that night many did't turn out! Maybe we can grab a coffee or something before Christmas? Love the bus stops! You find the greatest pics! I think I like the first one best! Have a great Tuesday! Love Sherri : )

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie, I enjoyed reading this post, and I can understand your fear. Sometimes, there are scary people who take mass transit, and you are a beautiful girl who would attract men. So one cannot be too careful. I don't think you're being snobby. You don't strike me as a snob. I think you're being cautious. It's fine to ride the bus, but as in all things in this day and time, you have to use your noodle. I think you were doing just that. :-)

I love the other bus stops, too. That strawberry (where I can see Claudie!) needs to be in Plant City, Florida. If I'm not mistaken, it's the strawberry capital of the world. And I would love to sit in a swing or be in what looks like that adorable little garden folly. The modern thing... not so much.


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

"Stop in the name of love" "before you break my heart"... oh that's not bus stop sorry lol
I call it " inner fear" it's your gut telling you to "be aware" "be cautious" You, we, us, believe in our hearts that things are always going to be ok, well they aren't, and we have to listen to our "selves". I have tried teaching this to my kids, especially to Brittany. It's like when you get into an elevator with one guy in there. We know we should just wait for the next one, but we don't, we get in, and hold our breath and pray that the doors open to safety. I know, cause it happened to me. So if buses creep you out Julie...splurge and take a cab. That's how Claudie sees the world.
Love You
Love Claudie
P.S. Get snow tires LOL

Claudie said...

No we can't skate on the river yet, but soon enough.
It's going down to -16 tonight. Brrrrrrrr
I heard it's been raining at your end. Only snow here.
I posted about the "ICE HOTEL" you wanted to go to. Check it out, I'll pitch a tent in my back yard for free.
Love Me

nalaky said...

Oh Julie - your take on the world is right in line with my view too! The bus is a daring experiment at the best of times. How brave to take tea with you! I wish I could have been the friend with you on the bus. Here's hoping your snow is gone and your car is back on the road. I miss seeing you at work, especially all the fun we had!! Your blog is great!