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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Come Spend the day with me.....

Disclaimer: you may want to get a drink and comfortable. It looks like a long one....... (blog that is)

So, The plan is..... beautiful sunny day in early May in The Pacific Northwest. Day off work. Everyone seems to be busy so - mini roadtrip.

Destination: Fairhaven, Washington. On the American side of our border - about a half hour drive once you cross from the Canadian side.

I loved this planter/water catcher which you can find at "A Lot Of Flowers", Garden & Gifts & Floral.
They have some really cool stuff.
I decided I needed groceries more than I needed that head - but I reeeeally wanted it. (Note to self: check the lottery ticket to see if you won)

This one I did bring home, found it in a junkin kind of shop but the price was right! It has fleur de lis on 2 sides and Mother on the other opposites. Isn't it a nice mother's day present for my place?
I know - now I have to get dirt and flowers. That's next weekends project. Shhh.. $ 20.00 !

Now this is a nice mat. So very CC and my guess is that our little Miss "The plate Addict" would like it too - but Claudie would hate the black. (excuse me, I mean Claudie would be opposed to the black) I'm trying not to say hate. Anyways, my thought was... we can make these. Just need a plain sisel mat from the hardware store and a can of spray paint and some stencil lettering. (Claudie, you can buy pink paint - but you should try to make your mat black first or I don't think the pink will show up enough! Then it is very CoCo Chanel. Don't cha think it's a good project? They wanted $30.00 and I almost bought it!

I am getting ahead of myself here... So this town of Fairhaven.....

It's a historical little town that is full of charm, interesting shoppes, and friendly people. It's also a University town so to speak because Western Washington University is nearby so lots of students and artsy folk call it home. Off the interstate 5 at exit 250 you drive until you come to 12th street. Left takes you to Chuckanut Drive and right takes you into the town. Both are good choices because Chuckanut Drive is a picturesque sampling of why people love to live out on the westcoast despite some rainy days from time to time. It's very pretty seaside drive that is fun for a sportscar because of the twisty and narrow roadway. Put on your favorite music and roll down all the windows. There are tons of fit and health oriented cyclists that take on this route too and they were all there today enjoying the sunshine. A whole flock of them in bright colored lycra and slick sunglasses. Some bikes built for 2 even.

The 2 above picture of the old Bank Building is a shoppe called "Three French Hens". They have some lovley things in there too. There are Italian dishes I DESIRE there ( but which would also require a lottery win), and a 3/4 length summer coat that is pretty special too. The change room in this store is inside the old bank vault. There are bronze curtains hanging on the door and the inside is so comfortable you just want to sit and look around for a minute.

The Village Bookstore is another place to linger. They have t-shirts that say "reading is sexy". Liked those too. Didn't buy one. Good girl. But I wanted the Artful Blogger magazine and they actually phoned Barnes & Noble for me to see if they had it. Sheesh. Who does that?

And one more that'll drop your socks off. So I go to get a tea at the coffee shoppe call "Tony's".
I don't know who Tony is but apparently he must own the coffee
Ya know what was weird. There was this sign on the cash register that said "no plastic, but cash and local whatcom county cheques are o.k." Isn't that just so small town america? I mean that in the nicest way. Its not the no plastic that was odd,
- but the fact that they still accept cheques from people for coffee and treats at a small lunch spot. I think that was weird -
but very endearing. Then, while I am waiting to order I see the girl from the flower shoppe across the street come in to get something. She says, "I'll pay you cash because I am not sure how big my tab is now. The guy behind the counter
pulls out this stack of note pads with pages over turned and is looking for hers! Now, I ask you. Do you think Starbucks
would run a tab for me? Or accept my cheque? NEVER! and I always order a tea misto because I don't drink a lot of coffee actually - and it cost me $2. 40. At stabucks I have been paying almost $ 4.50. So where's the logic?
Big corporation does not have anything on this little local shoppe.

You simply have to go. There's a neat consignment store too there girls.... (Did ya say you liked my purse? ) Ya, got it there!

We are right on the edge of summer. Put it on your list. And if it's too far from where you are, I am sure there is a little place close to your home that is just as delightful.

I have to tell you this one more thing.... ( I know I said that, but this is really it) I had lunch at "The Oyster Bar" on the Chuckanut Drive and before I sat down I used thier washroom. On the counter in the bathroom beside a little bouquet of flowers is a glass jar containing tampons. An emergency supply for their female guests. Well some people think of everything. I've never seen that before except in a metal machine on the wall that eats your coins - so aside from a fantastic salad with salmon chunks and gorgonzola cheese and strawberries and vinagrette dressing on a sunny patio- I even got a free tampon today to put away for an emergency.
Isn't life full of good surprises sometimes!

With that thought, this day is over. Good nite friends.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Julie, and what a neat town! Wish I could have been there shopping with you. I am waiting on Mr. M to fix the car (another one of his talents) so that we can go pull up the spring flowers and plant some that are more heat tolerant.

Hoping you have a Happy Mother's Day. Sending love across the miles to Canada straight to YOU!


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Are you telling me what to do again LOL
I'm so glad you had a nice day. I only wish I could have been your passenger.I LOVE the Chuckanut Drive, one of my favourite drives, and you found that flee/antique spot, cool
I was wondering why on earth you were showing tampons on your page...sweet! The Oyster bar yum.
Hey first gift today: A bottle of Chanel N5 from Colt, yeah, 90 bucks. Not sure if that is what I wanted though. My mom used to wear Chanel all the time. It's the thought that counts right, and I'm so happy. Colt also bought me my fav character card that talks...Hoops and Yoyo. so cute, now Riley just came in...hang on...Oh I got a nice purple flower container with kalanchoe with little butterflies in it, and a Body Shop Jasmine Cherry Blossom body butter. How nice is that? I wonder what Miss Brittany got me. She's waiting till Randy comes to town on Tuesday...I'm holding my breath lol
Oh how nice Van Morrison is singing "she gives me love love love crazy love". I'm sure that's how Randy feels... ahhhhhhhh
Ok I know your working, don't do too much to spoil your mother's day.
YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER. I KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT, but the rest of world might not.
Love You
Love Me

Sherri said...

I love that Old Fairhaven area! You know I have never got out of the car there? I am always just passing through on my way to the Chuckanut Drive. I keep thinking how nice it would be to pass through. Looks like a relaxing way to spend a Saturday. Nice when you can go back a bit in time and things were a little like they used to be. I left a long winded message for you on FB. Didn't know you posted something today! Happy Mothers Day Julie!
Love Sherri XOXO

Claudie said...

The sun is pouring in my window as I sit here and type this to you. It's cool, but we should see a beautiful sunset tonight. Last night the sky was on fire.
So Brittany got me a beautiful white cotton nighty from Crabtree and Evelyn, along with some lovely lavender (real lavender) sashes to put in the dryer to make my linens and special things swell good. It's really heavenly. I wish you could smell it. Lavender cream for my hands too from C&E. The packaging was so tasteful also. We were at her office downtown. Pretty swanky. I can't believe it : )
Talk to you soon