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Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's a great little french restaurant I want to tell you about .

I am famous for tearing bits out of magazines, and newspapers and tucking them in a notebook. Things to check out "on a rainy day".... I have had this one article in my little book for over a year.
I noticed it when I was going through papers before the move and decided to make the plans to go out and check it out. The article was in "Flavours" magazine. It's a complimentary local publication that looks at "the essence of entertaining".
This issue was looking at French Cuisine. From Paris to Provence. This issue included details about a Parisian Pub down on Main Street in Vancouver.

You might miss it if you're busy looking at all Main Street has to offer... so be careful. This nite there were many bicycles tied to a post out front.
You'll step inside and see a narrow eatery with mis-matched tables and chairs. Photos on the walls, and buggies and bikes hanging from the ceiling.
There is live music by local songbirds in the evening and French Kir tops the menu with some very tasty things to delight your sights and hungry belly's, I wanted to sit right in the middle of the room to take it all in. I dragged a girlfriend along on a rainy nite - and we totally enjoyed ourselves. The table was very narrow and I could see how you could have those sexy french conversations because you are close enough to smile and tell stories too private for the next table to hear. The waitress was cute enough to mention to the owner about my story of saving the article. He was in his restaurant just like I would have imagined.
We ordered food and wine & myself the Kir to try. It was a lovely drink that certainly would make a girl "giggly" in no time. I think that must be part of the plan. It wasn't very long before Ali, the owner came by our table and offered copies of the magazine where I had originally seen the article. I so appreciated his personal introduction and his polite agreement to sign my book. Those kinds of moments always make you feel like you've had a little extra something...... "Je ne sais quoi"
( I looked it up and this is the translation: an expression that isn't used that frequently, but it can still pop up sometimes. In French, it literally means "I don't know what" which relates to the English meaning "indescribable quality" or "certain something". ) There were tea lights on the tables- one in a little china cup that was more than just a shot glass with a tea lite set inside.
It truly is in the details. I love that the best.

A visit to the washroom even made me smile. There were great images on the walls. I had to shoot pictures because I knew I would put them in this post.

A floor lamp stands near the loo and the lighting was low - certain to make any girl feel prettier. We had crepes for dessert that were amazing and it wasn't an expensive evening in the end either. Mostly, I just want to share the experience and if you are lucky enough to live in the Vancouver area... visit Ali in his "Parisian Pub" as he calls it. You will fall in love. How can't you.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

That looks like a fun evening, Julie! It makes me miss you SO much. We have a new restaurant in the area called Town that I think you and Claudie would love. Mr. Magpie and I tried it and liked it a lot.

But a rainy day reminds me of our meal at La Pentola. I'm so glad we got a picture of that one!


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Now my mouth is watering Julie. Those are the most intriguing little places when we find them aren't they?
I just made spaghetti, not French, but it sure smells good, want some? It's waiting for you with a nice glass of red wine.

Sherri said...

Hey I love your new look Julie! Very cool! Looks like a great restaurant! And from what I can see of your place it looks absolutely gorgeous! WOW! Good for you! I'm impressed! I hope you are really happy there! I'm off on WCB right now until Nov. 15th. If your free anytime next week I'd love to stop by and say hi and have a cup of tea. It's been so long we seriously have some catching up to do! Would really love to see this beautiful home of yours! You will give it such a flair!! I hope all is well, take care XOXO