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Monday, November 15, 2010

It's a dogs life and I want it.

So this is what I have been thinking about.

This is Charlie. He's in a foster home. I like his face. He looks like a good guy.

These are weiner dogs. I have always wanted one. Maybe because they have thier own special look. I like that.

Get a load of this pack of ears flapping in the wind. Think of the pictures I could take!

And these sad eyes. Holy Hannah.. This one can sit on the couch if she wants. Really. Come on!

So I looked up reasons why you should get a dog. It's a very very good case.

• Loyalty. There are few creatures canine or otherwise that are as loyal as a good dog. These animals will give their undying affection to their owner for very little in return. A little food, water and a scratch or two behind the ear is generally all it takes to start forging a bond that will last a life time. It takes very little effort to gain a dog’s loyalty.

• Companionship. Along with loyalty comes a level of companionship that is unmatchable. A good dog that has been properly trained will go to the ends of earth and back with its owner. Some dogs simply like to go along for the ride, others like to run the rat race along with their owners. How much or how little companionship takes place will be up to the owner generally – the dog typically will take as much as it can get!

• Unconditional love. Most dogs will love their owners no matter what they do or what they say. Even a misguided harsh word will have very little impact on a dog five minutes later. They are very quick to forgive and they don’t seem to care how rich, how poor or how successful a person is. All they care about is pleasing their owners and getting a little love in return. If only most humans were as easy to get along with, the world would be a much nicer place.

• Protection. Even the smallest of dogs will go out of their way to protect their owners. Providing an early warning system for company, unwanted or not, and even a little brute force on occasion, dogs can be wonderful for ensuring a safe home. In fact, in many cases a dog’s bark is more successful at warding off burglars than an alarm system.

• Joy. The simple fact of the matter is that dogs can bring a lot of joy into their owner’s lives. There is something incredible about coming home after a long, hard day to a wagging tail and a happy face.

So why are there so many people who are not with a partner but with a dog? Re-read points 1 through 5.

I'm calling about Charlie. Gotta go. Don't tell me its a bad decision. I already fell in love.

And did I look up 5 reasons NOT to get a dog? No. Why spoil the enthusiasm.


Claudie said...

Ok I get it. Get a dog because I'm not sure you'll find 1 through 5 in a man lol
Don't change his name either, I like Charlie... a lot. Would you bring him here in July : ) what's another pretty face around here anyway?
How much is that doggy in the window anyway? Is he neutered? He looks a little older than your used too LOL
Ok enough call me.

Spinning Beauty said...

Do it! He's so cute :)

Jeanne said...

Good morning Julie, I came over to tell you your Charlie post is so darling. So are you my sweet friend. The love you have for Charlie is just making me smile BIG!!!

Today we will have 24 family members for Thanksgiving and I am going a bit crazy. I just wanted you to know I love you and am thinking of you this morning.