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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lets talk foot candy.

What do girls do when they are bored? Browse the shoppes right? Get a coffee ( or tea if you're like me) Pick up a few trinkets and if your lucky - you stumble on a great pair of shoes.. or boots..... or just plain "foot candy". I thought I would throw some pictures out at you. Things that are pretty slick. Some I would wear if I could - and some that I like - just because. One of the pictures is a pair I actually bought. See if you can figure out which ones Julie took home for keeps.
You can never have enough boots in your closet. What pair of jeans can't you do boots with. You know me... I'd wear the shortie boots with a skirt and leggings anyways and French or Italian boots? Who can resist. The shorties are mens and if they came in my size..... I'd have them.

Now there's those pretty days. The ones when you want to feel fresh and have a little bounce in your step. I think the word Channel hidden inside would do just that.A brooche on the toe is like a special dinner ring except down below. And if you have especially nice ankles I think you're lucky because you can wear ribbons and buckles and sparkle to show how pretty they are. There are times when we think we are too old for party dresses and fancy nites out - so I say, buy the shoes and wear them while you are vacuming or cooking dinner. Really who cares if the occasion isn't quite right because its always about how shoes make you feel. Isn't that why we like them so much?

Surprise the postman and put them on with your robe when you go out to pick up mail. Wear them to the market and maybe people will think you stayed out all nite. (That makes me laugh). Whatever the reason, I guess I just feel like "have a little of your own fun" and if someonne else doesn't get it - don't make eye contact.

May you find the perfect pair!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

So you are going to make us guess???

I think maybe the leopard print or the blue with the decorative "buckle" for lack of a better word because I know you like pointy toes on shoes, but those first feather ones are pretty slick, too. Love the Channel ones. I think they are all very snazzy. So do tell, Julie, which ones??? Enquiring minds and all that...


Sheila :-)

Jeanne said...

Hi Julie, I haven't been on the computer all day and thought I'd take a look before I go to bed. I think it is the leopard shoes. If not those it's the last one you shared. Your take on shoes is my thought completely. Especially when I was working. Not as much now but I have always loved shoes too. Your post is fun and I loved your text.

How is your pup doing. I know you are the best of friends. We sure love our CC. She is still getting into mischief though. Tonight we found her under our bed with my red feather angel. The arms,wings, and her star wand were completely dismantled with lots of red feathers every where. She came out with the angel's head in her mouth.Sigh!

I love your previous post about cooking too. Most of all I love you.

Jeanne xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Julie!

MY OH MY, what a FUNNNNNN POST! And your header, is that YOUR ART? It is a magnificent and most DIFFERENT style of header I have seen and your blog template is gorgeous. You are so kind to come and I remember you! You stopped by before I am then came to see you. Well, your comments are so kind and you asked about my heritage! Well, I am of Spanish decent. My father was born in Mexico, but his family was Spanish from the North of Spain. My mom and I were both born in Los Angeles, and we are considered Mexican-American. I grew up speaking Spanish as a child, but then had to learn English and since both my parents were fluent English speakers, I basically forgot my Spanish. I understand it and I can even read it....but I studied French and I am a teacher in a French immersion school where I not only teach all subjects in French, but I also teach English language arts. I love all things AUDREY, FRENCH, and French/white antique décor! You are so kind to ask and I must say, I have meet the KINDEST and most wonderful blog friends from Canada! Tell me more about yourself!


Have a most pleasant day !! Anita

Jeanne said...

Hi Julie, thank you for your sweet comment. Good friends are forever. That means you my new sweet friend.

I am glad Claudie is home safe and sound. Her pup is ill and when she said mama, I thought she met her mom. Follow her Facebook and you will see what I mean. LOL. I am very sad for Claudie and Randy losing their pup. We have done that 3 times and it is never easy.

I hope all is well with you and your sweet pup. We do love our darling dogs so much.

Happy days to you Julie.
Love you bunches,

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hey Ms Julie

I have to admit that shoes have never been a fetish of mine as I think I have always been self conscious about their size. :(

I have always adored them from afar. I love the Valentino ones -- oooh my to have a leg that would look so good in something like that.

:) glad you hooked me up to your spot!

Looking forward to our gathering.