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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's for dinner?

Don't misinterpret this photo. I don't burn everything I cook and I have had people over for dinner who will vouch for the fact that I can pretend to be Julia Childs if I so desire. But desire is over-rated.

If I had the choice, I would rather pick up something on my way home that tastes good and is ready to go but it's just not quite the same as a meal that someone has put together that tastes amazing is it. I am completely appreciative and truly awed by people who can whip up great food in a few minutes and talk and chat and serve drinks all at the same time.

Whipping something yummy up in a few minutes from things I have in my pantry is not my fortay. I can follow a recipe and bake of course. That's not a problem but fly by the seat of my pants with whats in my cupboard makes me crazy. Well. Crazier. I can talk and serve martini's but the food never gets in the oven and we just get tipsy. Usually a guest takes over and starts helping or we will just have to eat bread.

It's odd because I am creative in so many other ways and I just can't figure it out. My mom was a great cook and my brother can wield a frying pan pretty good and he's not even married. So tonite I had a page from a magazine in my purse for a recipe and I stopped on the way home to get what I needed. Seriously not fancy and brilliantly easy. Just my style.

Here's what's for supper.

First: Open the bottle of Bacardi's Strawberry Daquiri and pour a tall glass with lots of ice. Drink some.

Second: Procrastinate a little and talk on the phone.
Third: Get started or I will be eating at nine.

You combine some shrimp in a food processor with some sesame oil and then transfer to a bowl containing Breadcrumbs, shallots, cilantro, an egg white and some chopped celery and lemon juice. A little salt or "Bragg" substitute. Bragg is some salt substitute that you get in a health food store. (googled it).
So you form this mixture into patties and fry them in olive oil.
Once that is done you serve them with this avocado salsa on the side.

The salsa is avocado, red onion, garlic clove, lime juice pickled jalapeno and salt & pepper to taste. I added tomatoes to bulk up the salsa because I need some vegetables in my system.

Nice and lite.

Some say appetizer. I say dinner for one. Done. Looks pretty good. Well done Julie. Would you serve that to a friend? I might. But something in the dish is coming across as bitter? Not the patties - I tried them separately. Could be the salsa. What did I do wrong? Where are all my foodie people? Randy? Is it the cilantro? I love it usually. Or the avocado not ripe enough? Too much onion? I don't know. I don't get it. Not inspired. Should have had a cinnamon bun and a cup of tea.

Oh well. Whatever. The queen didn't come for dinner so I don't really care.

I googled "What to cook for dinner pictures and this one came up....." Next time I'll cook fish.

Still time to go for a walk with the dog and come home to a hot bath and a book. It's 8:56 and not only did I cook dinner, I blogged and am going to see if it's started snowing yet. It's suppose to. Made it before nine though! Success.




The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think that dinner looks like a gourmet feast, Julie. I had deli chicken and a salad. Mr. Magpie is out of town, so the pickings are slim here.

It's so good to see you posting. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. And as far as cooking is concerned, my favorite recipe is 1-800-Takeout!


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Well, I would have eaten that my friend. Did Charlie have a bite? I bet he didn't like the cilantro, I really DO NOT like that green stuff. I think that's what was bitter, and that's why I don't eat it. Give me something sweet in the salsa and I'm good to go. I'm impressed, and I think your a great cook, but I also think you make a mean Mojito and Cosmo. So I'll have one of each please : )
OK the guy with the fish in his crotch? OMG. Is that the "guy of the day?".
Love You
Love Me

Randy Frid said...

Hi Jules.

Just add a bit of sugar to offset the cilantro and only add the fresh cilantro at the end. Vidalia onions would also help. Using lime instead of lemon will also help cut the bitterness. Your salsa tomatoes should be San Marzano (from an Italian supplier). Take the vein out of the chilies, that's probably where your bitterness is coming from. That should do the trick.

Great presentation.

Cheers, Randy

Spinning Beauty said...

That looks totally awesome Julie! I am impressed :) I think Claudie is right...it's the cilantro. That stuff is just weird :) And, I'll have to try the Barcardi stuff..looks good!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JULIE! I MISSED YOUR COMMENT....I just happened to see my prior post and I see you came! THANK YOU AND I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU! Anita

Deborah said...

I think it is the avocado Julie. Maybe it wasn't quite ripe. It sounds delicious though and looks pretty easy. I love easy!