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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Thank you Marie Antoinette...
or words supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Apparently Miss Antoinette didn't actually utter these words during the French Revolution. She actually said something like "let them eat Brioche!"

And so like everything else that gets altered and weaves a different path as years pass, this is where we have arrived. It's all about cake.

Well today is my good friends birthday. We live miles apart but I feel her spirit and we talk all the time. So I decided to throw a private party for her and bake her a cake. The inspiration was this picture......

I invited a few very cool people who I know she would love to visit with. One of them I ran into at Value Village. Go figure.

Charlie was in attendance of course. He lives with me and attends all parties.

Next guest was this girl who is kind of like "That Girl" and apparently is suppose to be me I was told. "A gift."

Also, Giselle and she reminds me of Claudie. Pretty thing.

And Audrey, thank goodness you could make it.

And Big Surprise..... Edith Piaff! The French Singer. I couldn't believe I ran into her at Value Village. She agreed to sing at the party. She was so flattered when I mentioned that Claudie and I had just been listening to her in the car on the way to Montreal last February. It's such a small world really isn't it.

The girls were so patient while I worked on the cake.

And made paper flower decorations for the table.

Put the pink tulips in water and shined the silverware, then set out the napkins.

They didn't know that Claudie always wanted to be a dancer, or that she loves pink and that she speaks french and that she is in love with Tiffany's too.

There was so much to discuss.
The cake was finally finished.

And Charlie ( who doesn't worry about his waistline like the rest of the girls) was ready for a treat.

I gave him some dog biscuits with icing on top to try to fool him but his eyes work better than I thought and he saw the bigger prize.

So we lit the candle, considered making wishes for Claudie and sang Happy Birthday of course.

Then we cut the cake and announced 'LET THEM EAT CAKE'. The Princess opened her gifts and then fell fast asleep in a mass of tissue paper and ribbon with a tummy full of goodies.

We hope she had a wonderful birthday and that our spirit and celebration travel all the way to her house and into her heart.

Happy Birthday Claudette. Love ya honey.

The End.


~CC Catherine said...

What a great B'day tribute to Claudie Jewels! I loved it, and giggled at how creative you are in your writing. I've been picking up writing books lately to learn a few tricks. Some pretty good books out there...and the price is right at the GW! ;) Got your message on my post tonight, you are too cute. I'll have to measure those buttons and let you know. My guess is probably 1", but I'll measure to be sure! ;) I'm sure Claudie will be just crazy in love with this post you did for her today. Can't wait to see you in Canada! Hey ~ all the clothes, shoes., (and much I've not even pictured yet) I got for under $200. Can you believe that miracle? Lovin it! and YOU too friend! xoxo

Teresa said...

How sweet! I love it. I hope sweet Claudette had a fabulous birthday. That little Charlie is too adorable. Love you Jewels!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

How totally sweet! As soon as I saw the first photo, I thought, "Claudie"!

See you in July!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Jumpin' jesus, darnit all... I just wrote you a HUGE LONG WINDED comment and it disappeared. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Crap...
Well you know what I said, I know you know don't you know????
This was one of the best parties I've ever been to. Of course last year's bash was super special, but this one was up close and personal. Just the way i like it. Charlie should have had his little party hat on. I'll have to send him one of Toby's.
Who would have known that Edith found YOU in VV? And that Audrey came to my soiree? COOL Julie. Funny how she was at my table too. How does she do that? She's cool that way, just like you.
I ADORE my little silver dress charm Julie, but I think the little book" I LIKE YOU" is the one thing that makes my heart melt. I read again before going to sleep last night. It's just so TOI.
Thank you, only you would do this for me. I know you worked hard baking that beautiful pink cake. Thank you also for the pretty tulips, and your "make a wish" ring is the icing on the tulips.
I love you to Jupiter and back again... That's a Manon saying.
Your the best-test buddy one could ever ask for, and that's why I LIKE YOU.

C'est moi Claudette said...

I came back for more cake. I know i said NO MORE SUGAR... but it's not working.
So did you see the flood? Not the one in Japan, the one here in Plantagenet. OMG Julie it was unreal. I sent you a couple text pictures. I know you'll see them before you see this note.
Hope you had a good shopping day. I know it started a little rough, but treasures make your heart feel better right?

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