Let Music fill the air

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The writing is always on the wall. Don't walk by without writing down things that make you stop and reconsider your perspective.

Enough said.......


wendy said...

No one can have too many "great sayings" around to keep us motivated.
I have a plaque on my fridge that says, "Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a Nice, Normal family."

and the post below for Claudie's birthday party was spectacular. I know she loves you very much.

C'est moi Claudette said...

My fridge magnet says: I yell because I care" remember? WOW is that the mood your in these days? Yes I believe it is isn't it. Oh Julie what to do.
I've been reflecting too...not sure if it's working though. Maybe I need more "quiet time" in that room, alone with no distractions... kill me why don't ya'.
I like them all, but the Bob Marley one got me... really Bob Marley? Hummm
Haven't heard from you today... I'm waiting. I need my "gong" please.
Love You and yes Wendy... I do love her very much : )

dana said...

YOU looked so cute in those glasses......as seen on Claudie's Pink Sat. post!! :) You girls have tooooooo much fun!!!!! dana

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Julietttttt, :) Guess what came in the mail? Oui...your package to me. I was jumping up and down and a grin was SO BIG on my face when I opened it. You wrapped each gift so chic, and so feminine and vintage. I loved EVERYTHING...how fun it was to get that. The sheer grey gloves are so stylish, I have to bring them to Canada and where them with SOMETHING. :) The little case with the lipstick in it is so cute... The vintage playing cards really are precious...and the way you tied the gifts up with the sweet cutouts was so french like. I JUST LOVED every touch you did honey to each gift. The gifts are down stairs so I'm going by memory, hopefully I didn't forget anything. Love the post tonight, especially the quote by Audrey and Bob Marley. How true both are...and how I just adore coming to visit your blog ALL the time. You just get me to slow down, and you get me to thinking deeper. I love that about you, eh? :) I "cannot" wait till July...we are going to just have the best time at Claudie's and WITH Claudie. She is totally so cool to share you with me and all her other friends. You are HER TRUE JEWEL Juliet, you really are. A valuable gal she is, eh? She really is., and YOU my dear, are just as VALUABLE. God knew what HE was doing when he created the TWO OF YOU! I am blessed by you and Claudie's presence in my life. I truly am! Okay gal, got tons of packing to do - I'm heading to NC/PA tomorrow, 3/31 and won't be home till middle of April. YIKES! I'm hoping to actually get to blog more while I'm up there taking care of my Mother. :) Hugs friend, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP so everyone can see that great face of yours! :) Love ya! ~CC

BECKY said...

Hi Julie!! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but it was pure joy to hear from you!
You are one of those people a person meets and never forgets, because of your warm, engaging ways, and your inquisitive nature. Just love ya gal, and have decided I HAVE to keep in touch with you and Claudie! What joy you gave me with your visit and our time together.

The Marly quote is soooo true. Especially the part that there isn't one that is perfect! I know my Randy is perfect for me. After all he has put up with me for almost 32 years now!!

How are you personally doing, sweetie, with life and love and all? Would you email me and let me know? junktojoyshop@yahoo.com

Love to you, gal
Have a blessed day, and know that I think you're an amazing lady...so does my Maddy! {who by the way will be 13 soon but looks like she's 16} ACK!!!! Lord, stop the clock!!!