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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little bit of loveliness....

  I was tipped off by my blogging friend that there is a fantastic little shoppe in my area. 
Roses and Rutabagas.    As I have many days to do a little browsing by myself - i decided i would make myself "in the neighborhood".

for my local friends....
you must go.

33771 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford BC
This little vintage buggy greets you on the sidewalk.
inside the door your eyes don't know what to look at first. 
A smile creeps up on your face. 
This is a great store.
There is  a lowboy dresser that is re-purposed  
as the front desk.
 Behind it is a lovely girl who cheerfully greets
 all who come in.   
She is warm & seems intent on ensuring 
that customers enjoy their visit. 
 ( What a nice job I thought to myself )
A tray of silver dinner rings catches my attention right away.
I try a few on and decided its too soon to choose as I haven't looked at everything else...

I wonder if there was some special things in the drawers?  
Next time I will have to ask.
 maybe its a big apothecary of sorts?

Just inside the door there is a message
 to have a happy spring.
You see crisp white
with touches of black & pink.
Oh so Coco Chanel.
    There are special touches that have obviously been hand chosen by the owner.  
A certain "je nai se quoi"  embodies the space.    handbags, garments and those  pretty rings, bracelets, and  little pillows and lovely furniture with colored glass knobs.    Chandeliers as pretty as  special dinner rings hang like crowns from the ceiling.    

 I simply must buy a little something....    
but what to choose?

There are touches of that iconic Audrey -
Keeping an eye on your shopping choices.
A little french flair
A little whimsy
I so want shoppes like these to flourish.
         This large daybed was absolutely fantastic.
I truly wanted this one.
The white leather was so soft....
and the legs throne-like.

There is a pocket in the store devoted to the little ones
that enter in our lives.  
Coco pink, buttercream yellows and powder blue fill the area.
Messages like this one propped in the window -
"I love you to the moon and back"

 Funny enough - this is my friend Claudie's little saying.
She is the one that sent me to this store.
I love it when things like that happen.
 You know you were suppose to be there 
for just that moment?  I really do think so.
Here's my parcel.  Charlie has been waiting patiently in the car for me.

 The parcel is carefully  
 wrapped for even the few things I bought.
Its the little things that make a shoppe.
I love a nice bag.

This glass heart magnify's whatever you put it on top of.
I love it.  
 I have an "X and an O"  that I put under it
to magnify the hugs and kisses of course.
(A Guess promo magazine.  Isn't she a beauty) 
Now this is a Julie piece.  New it right away.
  A turquoise crystal
to add to my colored glass collection.
I have it hanging over the dining table, tied to the light fixture with a piece of ribbon.
Sounds odd - but that's normal for me.  

And a black & white pillow.   Colors are right - but bought it  mostly because every house must have a mouse.
This accent pillow just works in my place.
I will take that too please......
Cha Ching goes the cash register. 
But the total was not that extravagant either!  
Good job staying on budget for those browsing days.
A few thank you's and some good byes.  A mention that "I will bring my girlfriends with me next time"...   
and "do you mind if I take  a few pictures on my i-phone  for my blog?"
"Of course not" says the lovely girl behind the counter.
What a nice experience.

Outside the shoppe and now - and just down the street is another great stop.   Tracycakes Bakery.
 You can have high tea and order a lunch service of  fantastic little finger sandwiches and  petite desserts.  All  served on a tiered glass platter.

There are so many great shoppes and eatery's that are run by wonderful people who love what they do.  Where you find one - you will likely find another.     
I say,  help them survive by supporting them whenever you can.  They are an important part of our communities.

Bookmark this suggestion in your little black book under
road trip.   "roses & rutabagas"
then lunch at Traceycakes.   Bring a friend.

Lights out.   Good nite.


BECKY said...

Hi Julie! Love this little shop! I want to see shops like that thrive, too! So much fun, and I adore all the attention to detail. I am going to an event tomorrow called "The Fancy Flea" in Lakeland, FL and can't wait to see it all. It is a vintage inspired flea, and will, I'm quite certain, have all types of wonderfully reconditioned and repurposed delights!! Wish you were here to go with me! I am meeting some other bloggers and then joining our friend, Sheila, for lunch! Can't wait!!

Have a joyful weekend! Please know what a delight it was to meet you and spend time with you, and how I love your kind, warm, fun spirit!!

Love and hugs to you,

C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW that was nice of Becky to comment Julie? I know what she's talking about "The Fancy Flea" in Lakeland. That's "Daisy Cottage". Kim was one of my first blogs I stumbled upon 2 years ago. Mrs. Magpie lives in Lakeland too remember? Oh I wish we were there too.
As for "love you to the moon" that's a CC saying. She got me going on that one. I say it to sweet Jeanne too, but with a "back again" at the end. SWEET.
I know you had fun in Rosie's shoppe. We were talking on our cells at the time. I miss your calls. I know your probably "thinking" lately. I know mother's day is a hard one for you. Hang in there : )
That Charlie is just the cutest little fella. Can't wait to meet him in person one day soon.
So you love a nice bag huh? That's hit me funny. Am I a nice bag???
Your prism is gorgeous. And if you wanted a mouse in your house I would have gladly sent you a real one, lol.
I wonder what's in those drawers too? Go back and check it out. I'm sure she'll have some new things, and we all need a little something every other month to make us smile right?
Well it's not raining today, but it's cold and windy.
Colt is off to the cottage with Jenna. Randy has a friend coming over tomorrow for lunch and most of the afternoon. I'm heading to Cornwall to be with my mom for the day. Deb and Bill are on their way to Chad and Monica's reception. I finished their MAC book and Randy finished their DVD. Turned out super nice. LOVE IT.
So that's it gf. Great post, but I think I saw another one?? Could it be?
Love You...to the moon and back again and again.

wendy said...

Well, when I saw that sign I Love You to the Moon and Back...I instantly thought of Claudie and I thought you took some chalk and wrote it.
I LOVE shops like that. LOVE them. I wrote the address down so incase we are through there again, I can go visit it. We were through Abbotsford just last August to pick up our puppy there.
I used to live in Chilliwack for 4 years, (moved away after my 4th child, 1981)So we stopped there on our way to pick up puppy and went to check out the house I lived in. WOW, have things ever changed. I think Chilliwack and the area is gorgeous, but I liked it BETTER when it was much smaller.....when I lived there.

I love crystals too. Kinda collect them. I have two in my kitchen bay window, and two in my bathroom. It is about the only "fancy" I have around here in this country home. Did you know I have a deer horn chandelier...yup, hubby had most of the stuff all done in the house before we got back together.

The mouse pillow is um, cute...but I have enough live critters around here, that I'd have to pass on that one.
Traceycakes reminded me of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton. (20 miles away from where my parents live) They have a British tea time in there with the fancy dishes, tiered plate with scones, finger sandwiches. Looks sooo lovely.
sorry, I am kinda rambling on aren't I
Can't wait to meet you this summer. We will have such a great time I believe.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Julie dear...I am so touched by your comments on my post, and also so happy that you were able to visit my dear, dear friend Rosie. I long to walk into her shoppe one day, unannounced and lock eyes with her. To surprise her would be my great joy. Her touch of love and kindness and gentleness is all over that shoppe, and how lucky you are to have been there. I hope you met her; I only dream of that....what a wonderful world when we BELIEVE....your blog is so stunning dearest, thank you for this gift. Have a perfect day, Anita

Rosie said...

Oh Julie Dear,
I am so VERY honored by your lovely, lovely post, and THRILLED that you enjoyed your visit...where do you call home?
Your snappies were perfectly charming, and your words, extremely kind! Sweet Anita and I have a daily morning cuppa together, and it was she who said you had strolled through the shop.
I normally work Saturdays, but have have been off, due to illness...hoping to be back real soon and would love to meet you.
Again, thank you for this "over the top" recommendation...It makes my heart sing, when I know that someone has enjoyed the shop.
Now I am off to take a wander through your WONDERfilled world.
....Smile on...Rosie

Rosie said...

....just as I suspected...
.....so very DELIGHTFUL....
....I shall return soon....

Rosie said...

....2012?...OK, count me in, if not sooner...I'm STILL smiling...R

jeanne said...

Good morning Julie dear, thank you for the sweetest comment on my post yesterday. You did light up my 'evening' because that is when I finally read my comments yesterday. I also loved your comment previously. Was I still in California? I think so.

Yesterday was my garden club plant sale. A fun Loooong day. Next to no visiting for yesterday's post.

I too love shoppes just like the one you visited. I love your purchases and your fun text. The mouse pillow is darling and so is the crystal. Sometimes we have our own live mouse here. This has happened three times in four years. The sad part is having to set a trap. Nothing else to say here. Sigh!

Wishing you lots of happy shopping days.
Love you, Jeanne

C'est moi Claudette said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you too gf. I know it's a hard time for you, but if you go to Wendy's post about Mother's Day, it might make you feel better.
We all do our best, but really it's just another day. I have NO expectations what so ever, and so far nothing has been planned, nothing. Not even a phone call from Brittany to see what I'm up to...so off I go with money in my purse. That's my mother's day present to MOI.
Miss you terribly, but it seems you don't want to talk : (

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