Let Music fill the air

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love it when home feels like home.

This is how I can tell if it Rained in Vancouver !

I have really enjoyed being home this weekend. I think its because it feels like a refuge and I like that alot. Music sounds great in the space and I could sit down and doze off and not think about what I should accomplish or where I would rather be. There are books I have wanted to read, a photo studio in the garage I want to set up, pictures I need to go through and scan onto the computer and many more projects that linger in my head. Today I don't care about all that stuff. That feels really good. Moving is such a big ordeal. A big thank you to those who helped me. Truly.
(my boys, one resting and one working)

My kids and thier friends( I paid in pizza and beer)
and friends from work and a nice girlfriend - My new lampshade? or how to carry less and still make it look like your working? Parker at his best. Thank god for muscles and someone who can just say..... what's the problem. This will be easy.

I wouldn't have made it! A few minutes ago the door rang and when I answered it, it was some girls from the local school looking for non-perishable food items for the homeless. NIce. So I checked the pantry and decided to go for something healthy and something that was a treat. 2 cans of tuna and a chocolate brownie mix. It feels good to do something to help someone else. It's easy. Why don't I do that more often?Maybe I should do something different this Christmas? I am going to think about it.
Even though it costs us a lot of money to have warm nice places to live.... we have jobs.... and we have skills that allow us to get those good jobs. Thanks to our parents and mentors who helped us get where we are today... See how one knock at the door can make you appreciative. There are messages everywhere in this world.

I have had a lot of "I hear you have moved"..... and I thought I would invite my friends who are too far away to come for a visit. I took some pictures because well pictures are worth a thousand words they say.

pictures counterclockwise:

1. I have too many books. Need a bookshelf.
2. Petits fours. For special moments
3. Life is about the "HA"
4. A hug is the answer to everything. Yes. Everything.
5. I envy your relationship. Beside the stove for those dirty stir spoons.
6. My new dog because my ex said he was keeping the real one.
7. My livingroom. Come on and put your feet up. It's what its for.
8. I am always loosing my glasses. So I keep a whole tray.
9. Feathers on the lampshade keep things "light".
10. My kitchen where I cook. There's a rumor that I don't. But I do!
Here's proof. Dinner for 1.
11. My christmas tree.
12. Room for Rent. AKA... Parker's room.

I'll do the neighborhood another day.

The leaves are changing and its halloween tonite.

Thanks for coming over. Next time spend the nite !



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Julie, I love it! What a charming place. Love the outside and the inside both. I'm so glad you are all moved in and getting settled. And I like your dog. That looks like the one I have, too. ;-)

Love you...


Sheila :-)

wendy said...

Hey Julie...I hope you are setteling into your new place. The pictures were lovely. moving is HARD

and how wonderful to visit that French resturant.

Spinning Beauty said...

Cool! I love your new place, it looks very European. I thought of you yesterday too. I went to the craft fair at the kids school on Friday night and there was this lady selling old little tea saucers which she glued onto old glass candle sticks. She had a light pink glass candlestick holding a little pink saucer with tiny rose buds. So cute! She wanted $15 for it so I had to pass but now I am wishing I would have gotten it. Oh well. Hope your foot gets better...mine is killing me but the tape is helping a little bit. The podiatrist said to keep it on for 3 days and then come back so we'll see if it makes a difference. Have you read A Vintage Affair yet? You HAVE to read it...right up your alley :)